Editorial: President-Elect Cardona must keep promise to be student voice


As the year ends there really isn’t much left to say. Our fights must be tabled for the summer, while we head to internships and summer jobs, leaving the community without a voice for a long four months. The good news is, however, that when we return, Student Government Association (SGA) President-Elect Daniel Cardona looks poised to breathe new life into the student body and its demands.

This space is usually reserved for complaints, observations of fault and, often, blame. At “The Whit,” we don’t publish such criticisms without believing that they are warranted. But as the semester concludes, we look to our new leader Cardona, who has vowed to be an extension of the student body. He told “The Whit” in March that he would be willing to table his own stances if it meant the opinion of the student body would be served instead. At a Board of Trustees meeting last week, Cardona listed a number of issues the community has asked to have improved. These issues include: fixing the limited space at the REC Center, adding more counselors at the Wellness Center and making new parking spaces available to a growing student body. Cardona said these are his priorities headed into fall 2016.

At “The Whit,” we share with Cardona the goal of acting as the campus’ voice, and we too have expressed the need for these improvements. Much like the SGA, at the end of each year “The Whit” staff must hand over the reigns to a new group, only instead of young, collegiate politicians, we sign over positions to inspired young journalists. It remains our job to be the voice of the community, as Cardona has promised to be as well, but the difference between us remains; “The Whit” can only influence change, presidents can make it happen. So with your tenure as our president months away from its true beginning, we look to you, Daniel Cardona, to aide in our effort. You’re off to a good start, don’t mess it up.