Gut Reaction: I Got CRABS …N Some


An undeniable fact about “I Got CRABS … N Some” is that they have balls. Crab balls that is.

The seafood restaurant’s name definitely raises eyebrows, mine included. However, one step inside this nautical heaven and anyone can see it is soft at heart and full of fresh, delicious seafood.

After my mom and I arrived to celebrate my birthday with a bite to eat, we were greeted warmly by the cashier, who was the sole employee on the premises besides the cook. The entire restaurant, which provides counter service and takeout, was spotless from the parking lot to the kitchen, which is in plain view behind the counter.

It was clear that the management is extremely meticulous. The attention to detail was evident around every corner— the turquoise walls were covered with decorative crab nets, seashells and anchors. Each of the four brightly-colored umbrella picnic tables in the pleasant outdoor seating area had its own set of paper towels on a flamingo paper towel holder weighed down by a fishing line weight. Through these small, often-overlooked details, the ownership’s care for the customer experience shined through.

Its menu is extensive, offering a range of appetizers, entrees and sides from fried flounder and fresh clams, to hush puppies and, of course, tons of crabs.

Appetizer - Crab balls
An order of crab balls from I Got CRABS…N Some seafood restaurant. -Staff Photo/Catherine DeMuro

We started off with an order of the aforementioned crab balls appetizer, which were served within five minutes with spicy mayonnaise and cocktail sauce. A serving came with six crab balls for $6, all of which were delectable; they were crispy on the outside and filled with soft crab meat on the inside.

My mom and I also ordered the Mahi fish tacos and bacon-wrapped scallops as our entrees. The cashier made us aware that the scallops would take about 12 minutes to cook properly. All of the food arrived promptly and we noticed that customers ordering takeout arrived and left quickly as well.

The tacos were a handful of spicy seafood heaven. Topped with lettuce, chopped tomato, pickled onions and a dab of spicy mayo, the smooth mahi mahi was cooked perfectly and lightly seasoned with black pepper. Both tortillas were filled with a solid serving of fish and the house made sweet potato chips that came with the meal made it well-rounded and filling. Had we not ordered an appetizer, a third taco would have made the meal complete.

An order of mahi fish tacos from I Got Crabs...N Some. -Staff Photo/Catherine DeMuro
An order of mahi fish tacos from I Got CRABS…N Some. -Staff Photo/Catherine DeMuro

We were surprised to see that only three very small pieces came in an order of the bacon-wrapped scallops, but the delicious flavor and sides made up for the undersized portion. The scallops were served with cocktail sauce and came with homemade coleslaw and a choice of sides; my companion chose the yellow sweet potato, which was small but sufficient for a side. The thick-cut bacon was juicy and just crispy enough to complement the fresh scallops. Every bite was savored, but we were thankful we ordered an appetizer so we were full by the end of the meal.

An order of bacon wrapped scallops from I got CRABS...N Some. -Staff Photo/Catherine DeMuro
An order of bacon wrapped scallops from I got CRABS…N Some. -Staff Photo/Catherine DeMuro

With the inclusion of two beverages, the meal cost about $35. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. Not only was it a surprise to enjoy fresh seafood this far north of the shore, but it was refreshing to see a place not take themselves too seriously and deliver a fantastic casual dining experience. I got crabs… and expanded my Glassboro culinary horizons.


I Got CRABS …N Some
150 S. Delsea Dr. Glassboro, NJ 08028
(856) 340-5011
Parking: six regular spots, one handicapped spot
Price Range: $12 to $25
Rating: ★★★★