Self Image: Remedies for those bad college days


We’ve all had our fair share of bad days. Whether it’s failing the test you could have sworn you aced, or even waking up at 9:15 for your 8 a.m. because your phone alarm never went off. Bad days are pretty much inevitable—especially at college. So, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, missed your morning class and failed an exam, what next?

The following is my must-have list for when you’re having some bad day blues:

  1. Positive Thinking

It’s important to stay positive even when you feel like sinking. College has a way of draining every ounce of energy you’ve got, so it’s important to try and conserve. Go for a nice long walk through a nearby park. Try to remember that just because you failed at something, that doesn’t make you a failure by any means.

  1. Clear your Head

Going for a nice walk at a nearby park may be just what you need. Sometimes, it’s incredibly important to take space for and to get a small adventure in. For myself, I tend to go on drives while blasting Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins but hey, that’s personal preference.

  1. Netflix and Chill

Considerably one of the greatest cures for having a bad day, Netflix has been known to save lives. Splurge a little bit on candy and a drink and begin binging on your favorite shows and movies. For myself, Grey’s Anatomy is hands down the greatest series I’ve ever seen and brings on all types of feels that help me get out of a funk. (Of course, it also makes me bawl my eyes out too). That said, action movies like Django are also incredibly entertaining and help get your mind out of sad-town.

  1. Write to an Old Friend

Ever just go through your contacts and think, “Who the h*** is this?” Well, now’s your chance to find out! Get a boost and talk to someone you haven’t seen in years, (or possibly days if it’s someone you met at a party). Go out and meet new people, sometimes we need a little change in order to get our mojo back.

  1. Wine Time

One, two, three, four…seven? You can never have too much glasses of wine. Grab your friends and have a chugging contest, while watching American Horror Story, or playing Kings (my group of friends have been playing that drinking game since freshman year). Also, getting drunk after a lousy day is probably the greatest “pick-me-up.”

  1. Your Best Friends

The best solution to any problem you’re having during college is your best friends. Go out and get Sushi and vent about the Guy/Girl in your philosophy class that keeps looking over at you. Confide in them your struggles and let them listen to you and offer advice. Sometimes, you need to hear that everything’s going to be okay and that you’re going to end up just fine from the people you love the most!