Public Safety and Glassboro Police to collaborate in case study


In the coming months, students and residents alike could expect changes in the relations between the Glassboro Police Department (GPD) and Rowan’s Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Both GPD and DPS are teaming up to conduct a case study that should begin soon, according to Robert Zazzali, Vice President of Employee and Labor Relations and President’s Chief of Staff. The study will evaluate the relationship between both police forces, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of the partnership.

“The Borough of Glassboro and Rowan University are always looking for ways to enhance our organizations’ ability to provide a safe environment for the Rowan community,” said Reed Layton, Senior Director of Public Safety at
Rowan University.

The only thing holding them back at this point is different investment firms bidding to help with funding, as they already have local stakeholders such as representatives from the Division of Student Life at Rowan.

However, both Rowan and Glassboro have been making strides toward working together. Both DPS and Glassboro police now patrol various ends of the Rowan campus as it expands.

“The more the Rowan Public Safety footprint expands into the community, the more we work in concert with our Glassboro Police partners,” Zazzali said.

Zazzali highlighted that both DPS and GPD have the same training via the police academy, meaning there really is no difference between a university police officer and a city police officer.

“[G]iven the interaction of the Glassboro Police with our students, Public Safety/police, student life professionals and their support and partnership with the university, these officers are much more sensitive and aware of the nuances of students and a university campus, versus what one might find in other communities,” Zazzali said.

This study, however, isn’t made to crack down on the students or even residents of Glassboro. Both departments simply believe this will test how efficient their longtime collaboration is.

“We hope to learn if we can obtain any cost savings or serve the university and borough communities in a more efficient manner,” said Joseph Brigandi, Jr., Glassboro Business Administrator.

In working together, both the community and Rowan believe that it will be very cost-efficient for both parties. However, they won’t know this until they can begin the study. As it is in the best interest of everyone, they require more stakeholders.

“We feel the time is right to engage in this study, using an independent entity who is adept at this work, to explore any/all possible shared service opportunities,” Zazzali said.

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