Diva on a Budget: Laurant Personal Pedi


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Sheree Moore
Sheree Moore

I love heels. It does not matter what color or design they are, the higher, the better! Stilettos, pumps, heeled boots, wedges – you name it, I will wear it.

But as much as I adore heels, many times, my feet are screaming for some much-needed rest and relaxation. So much wear and tear is put on our feet without the added stress of heeled footwear, making it important to care for and pamper them.

I am unable to sit in a nail salon for even small periods of time because of migraines I get from the chemical fumes, so going out for a pedicure is not an option. Instead, I decided to look for a way to get the same results I can do in the comfort of my home.

There are a number of pedicure kits on the market, some of which start out at $29.99 and can be upward of $100. Browsing the aisles of Rite Aid, I found an inexpensive kit for $19.99 that I had seen advertised on TV. Personal Pedi, by Laurant, is water resistant and includes a rechargeable remover roller, buffing roller, cleaning brush and charging adapter.

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Laurant Personal Pedi is designed to remove dead, dry skin from feet, achieving the same results as a pedicure. It can be purchased at Rite Aid for $19.99. -Staff Photo/Sheree Moore

After soaking my feet for 20 minutes in Epsom salt, I decided to test it out. Personal Pedi is very simple to use. You can use it on dry skin or in the shower because it is waterproof. After turning it on, you rub it against your feet to remove hard calluses and dry skin. Once you are done with the roller, you replace it with the buffing roll to smooth and polish your skin.

The best part of this product is that it is very easy to clean when you are finished. Just remove the roller from the handle and rinse it with water.

While I prefer to be pampered by a professional, this Personal Pedi worked well as was advertised. It removed the dry skin on my feet after my initial use, leaving them smoother than they were before. If you can not afford to spend the $25 or so to get a pedicure done monthly, then this product would definitely be your next best bet.

However, you have to consider that the rollers will need to be replaced eventually, which can be expensive. The question is: how quickly will that time come? The answer is based on how often you use it. For that reason, this product may not be a long-term solution.


Personal Pedi by Laurant

Purchase at: Rite Aid

Price range: $19.99

Rating: ★★★

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