Dark days are on the horizon.

While having managed to escape a dire hostage situation last week, the lives of the remaining Alexandrians are still shaken from their recent bouts
with the Saviors.

In this week’s episode, “Twice as Far,” the survivors come across another remnant of the Saviors, proving their numbers are far greater than they

However, with an unexpected run-in with an old foe, there are many things for the Alexandrians to be wary of in this week’s installment of “The Walking Dead.”


Daryl [Norman Reedus], after reminiscing with his recently-recovered motorcycle, vents with Carol [Melissa McBride] for having spared the life of Dwight [Austin Amelio] earlier this season, knowing that mercy is a flaw in this cruel world.

As Daryl sets off with his own crew to find medicine from an abandoned pharmacy, Abraham
[Michael Cudlitz] and Eugene [Josh McDermitt] seek out a foundry to craft ammunition in – knowing bullets are the currency of this new world.

Abraham doubts this new facade being presented by Eugene, who has used cowardice to survive in the past.

“You’ve outlived your usefulness to me,” Eugene boldly tells Abraham when questioning his plans for bolstering up Alexandria and Hilltop.

They come to blows until Abraham leaves him to fend for himself, not caring about the man who he had traveled with ever since they met up in Texas.

This rift between Eugene and Abraham may not end well for either party. With the threat of the Saviors still lingering over Alexandria it’d be best for either of them to not burn any more bridges than need be.

The Law of Averages

While the pharmacy run proved to be a success, it seems this venture outside the safety of Alexandria is proving too much for some of Daryl’s crew.

Denise [Merritt Wever], the town’s resident doctor, volunteered to go out in the field initially, much to the disdain of Rosita [Christian Serratos]. Throughout their run, Rosita voiced her displeasure at the thought of babysitting someone who had no experience with the world outside of Alexandria.

As they make their way back home, Denise stops along the train tracks they were following to forage for some extra supplies, even though they got the medicine they came for.

She fights off a walker that was in a nearby car, just barely surviving the fight. Both battle-hardened Daryl and Rosita question her doing something so careless, especially given her status as one of few doctors in the area.

Denise passionately responds to Daryl and Rosita, pointing out how she wanted to be brave for once too.

“That’s what’s stupid, not coming out here … it makes me sick that you guys aren’t even trying because you’re strong and you’re smart and you’re both really good people and if you don’t wake.. up.. and face your..,” she doesn’t finish her thought, though, as she’s hit with a crossbow bolt, dead before she falls to the ground.

Into Darkness

With Denise’s unexpected death, it’s revealed that Dwight (with a newly burned face) captured Eugene and has plans to march into Alexandria and
take whatever supplies they see fit.

While Daryl and Rosita look on in shock and horror, Dwight lays down the law for how the Saviors are going to control them now.

“She wasn’t even the one I was aiming for,” Dwight adds, taunting a furious Daryl. “The crossbow’s got a kick.”

As they plan to make their move, Eugene provides a distraction by biting into his captor’s groin as Daryl, Rosita and a returning Abraham open fire, killing several of the men who were with Dwight before they eventually retreat.

When they return to Alexandria, things are not as they seem. Carol has gone missing, presumably feeling immense guilt for all the men, women and
children she’s killed. For someone who had become a bonafide killing machine and stopped at nothing to protect her own, it seems that facade may be fading around the beloved character. While the Saviors have yet to exact their revenge, this longtime member of the survivors put more people at risk rather by leaving the town.

On the subject of things to come: in the comics Dwight acts as Negan’s [Jeffrey Dean Morgan] right-hand man, dishing out orders to many of the
Saviors and enforcing his will upon anyone who opposes them. While casting for the finale confirms we’ll see the Saviors’ leader very soon, knowing one of the survivors’ greatest foes is only two weeks removed from his rather impactful entrance is anything short of horrifying for the remaining episodes of “The Walking Dead.”

– Featured image: Dwight, one of the new faces of evil from this wee’s episode of “The Walking Dead.” In this episode Daryl and the others encountered another legion of the Saviors. – Photo courtesy of “The Walking Dead” Facebook Page

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