Diva on a Budget: City Color Barely Exposed palette


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Sheree Moore
Sheree Moore

When I hear the words toasted, half-baked, virgin and sin, my mind goes one place: food.

I love my bread toasted, my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream half-baked, my margaritas virgin, and I feel guilty of sin when I indulge in all of these things in the same day.

But these words are also associated with the eyeshadow colors in Urban Decay’s original Naked eyeshadow palette. The colors in this palette are designed to be a range of natural hues, from a shimmery peach to matte chocolate brown.

I’ve been eyeing the Naked palette for quite some time. But at a retail price of $54, simply put – don’t nobody have time for that on a small budget! Look, I get it. The colors are versatile and appeal to a variety of complexions, but it’s simply too pricey. The good news is that there is almost always a product out there that can give the same look for half the price. And my mission was to find just that!

I usually go to Five Below every week to buy my sons an inexpensive gift. I never paid attention to their beauty section before, but decided to go down the aisle to check out what they had. Much to my surprise, I found it: a nearly perfect match for the natural looking colors in the Naked palette.

The City Color “Barely Exposed” eye shadow palette comes with 12 different unnamed colors that include matte and sparkly nudes, coppers, browns and grays. All the colors offered can work for a variety of skin tones while providing the perfect natural look. My complexion is caramel brown, and I found that the nudes, coppers and browns gave me a natural, “barely there” look that I can wear everyday. The gray and charcoal shimmers gave me a more dramatic look better suited for an evening out.

City Color Barely Exposed eye shadow exceeded my expectations with its color versatility. Incidentally, some of the eyeshadow colors matched a few in the Naked palette. I also found that the colors that deviated from the Naked palette had a richer tone and I liked them better. The durability of this inexpensive brand is impeccable, lasting more than six hours without having to reapply.

You shouldn’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money when you can achieve the same look for less, and Barely Exposed only reinforced that there is always an affordable option.

City Color Barely Exposed

Purchase at: Five Below

Price range: $5.00

Rating: ★★★★★