Voice for Free Thinkers: Stacking up to Presidential Standards


Ever since this presidential campaign began, Donald Trump has been grabbing the headlines as fast as he likes firing people. Without any exaggeration, there is a new, crazy and offensive headline stating something Trump said about a group of people or someone in particular nearly every week. The fans of Trump cheer and applaud it. I am not going to try and hide it for the sake of subjectivity; I despise Donald Trump, and this is why.

When I look for a presidential candidate to support, I look at a few different things. A certain amount of character is expected in a candidate. This means that he or she must be honest, have integrity and must respect all people, regardless of who they are.  I also expect a candidate to be humble in their actions and to understand that other people also have feelings.

For instance, John F. Kennedy acted humbly when interacting with his fellow citizens and tried to be respectful toward foreign delegates. More recently, Jimmy Carter followed suit. Further back in time, Abraham Lincoln — from what was written about him — was extremely humble and compassionate, so much so that he visited soldier’s hospitals as much as he could and spent countless hours with them.

Now let us explain how Trump does not meet any of those requirements.

I expect a candidate to act professionally and be aware of his surroundings, as was visible in most of our past presidents. Trump has demonstrated he is unable to professionally compose himself and demonstrates a lack of knowledge of his surroundings. By that, I mean that he seems to live in his own world, one in which he is the center of gravity that pulls everything toward him. This is not an exaggeration; detailing an article from breitbart.com from Dec. 1, 2015 he told CNN, “I won’t do the debate unless they pay me five million dollars.”

Granted, he did report that the five million dollars would be donated to Veteran’s Affairs.  Regardless, he feels so self-important and too self-righteous to have to mingle with the other lowly candidates. Even Fox News, the stand-by for American Conservative news (and fear mongering) has refused Trump’s latest demands when he asked if one of the moderators for the upcoming debate could be removed because he did not like her.

Trump lacks humility, respect and compassion. I am not saying that candidates have to act like saints, but I am suggesting that if you wish to represent America in a positive light, you must treat others as you wish for them to treat you. I am not trying to pass judgment on Trump, but I am suggesting that he perhaps does not seem to have a good grasp on the concept that other people have feelings as well.

Trump has openly shown his disdain for all minorities in America and has suggested we  should build a huge wall, and of course, make Mexico pay for it. He also suggests we ultimately ban all Muslims from entering this country until further notice, which do I even need to explain how horrendous of an idea that is? Not only is it a bad idea, but this is so unbelievably evil and disrespectful to an entire culture of people who have done nothing to deserve such a horrible backlash of hatred from a presidential candidate.

Trump can change; anyone can change the way they act. For the sake of the Republicans, he ought to seriously think about how he carries himself and what he says. Although if he really does not respect minorities, then I do know this — he is totally incapable of being our President.