Hopeless Romantic: No-fear Valentines Day

Julio Silva
Julio Silva

Well it’s the week of Valentine’s Day, and it seems a lot of people have yet to make any plans. Have no fear, that’s where I come in, saving you with some easy and low budget ideas for this weekend.

Sorry to those who aren’t in a relationship; I know what that feels like, however I promise that whether you want to do these activities with someone whom you are in love with, or just a friend you love, it’ll still be a fun time.

Valentine’s Day can be one of the most stressful holidays, believe it or not. For the most part, I am always hearing people tell me that they feel a pressure to give a gift that is ten times more extravagant or romantic than the ones they normally give. So your typical boxes of chocolates with a bouquet of flowers just won’t do. This is something I believe shouldn’t be true.

It’s one day, don’t cause yourself more stress over it. A romantic gesture is something that should occur here and there to keep the relationship fresh and interesting; however, Valentine’s Day isn’t something that should force you to do anything.

At this point you probably think that I am anti-Valentine’s Day, but that isn’t true. Although I believe it to be too commercialized, I love seeing people feel more courageous to ask that special someone to be their Valentine, seeing couples go to restaurants and look at each other knowing it’s more than just date night — and of course, the old couple who goes for their annual breakfast at the diner. That’s what Valentine’s Day should be about — being together and knowing that your love can be celebrated a little differently that day.

Here are a few ideas to get your brain rattling and possibly make Valentine’s Day something memorable this year:

1) Blanket Fort: If you and your partner don’t feel like going out among the hustle and bustle of the town, this is a perfect, low key and comfy activity. Obviously, you’ll need to make the fort and that’s the easy part. After assembling, you will need lights, preferably Christmas lights, to create a colorful ambiance. You will need a laptop and some movies — Netflix works too. Grab your favorite snacks and there you go, a comfy, yet fun, new way to do movie night.

2) DIY Movie theater: In order to make this, you’ll need to look up a Do-It-Yourself movie projector. There’s one online that apparently can be made with just one dollar. After assembling your DIY movie projector, grab a white sheet and hang it on a mostly blank wall. If you really want to get creative, you can create the atmosphere of a private movie theater. Make some hot dogs, burgers, nachos and of course, popcorn. Surprise your loved one with this cool movie theater experience and now you have a handy projector for whenever you both don’t feel like going to a theater.

3) A Night at …: Lots of us dream of traveling to romantic places. So why not bring that experience to your own home? Why not experience an evening like you’re in Paris?  When it comes to romance, Paris is the place to be. Obviously, buying two plane tickets can be pretty pricey, so this one will require you to do your homework. Look up easy yet impressive French recipes and prepare them. But, before you do that, you will need to form the illusion that you are actually in France. Look up what fits in your budget and go to your nearest Party City or hand-make the decorations. After creating the illusion, you’ll need to dress the part. Anything in your closet could work, just make sure you instruct your partner to dress the part as well. End the night with some romantic dancing and by the end of it, your boyfriend or girlfriend will fall in love with you in a whole new way.

I hope everyone enjoys a safe and romantic weekend. Let these tips guide your Valentine’s Day in the right direction. Remember that no matter what you do, your partner loves and appreciates you for everything you do for them.