Diva On a Budget: Jergens Shea Butter


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Sheree Moore
Sheree Moore

After a weekend filled with below freezing temperatures and more than a foot of snow, it has become evident that although late, the winter season is finally here. And with each new season, a discussion about changing your skin care regimen is important, especially if your skin becomes duller and dryer in the winter season like mine.


I knew I wanted something that provides deep conditioning moisture while still being affordable. As a college student, my budget is around $5 or less, so I made my way to my local Walmart to see what I could find.

With so many options to choose from, I spent almost 30 minutes reading nearly two dozen lotion bottles. I finally decided to try the Jergens Shea Butter. Not only was the price of $3.24 attractive, but the assortment of sizes allowed me to buy a smaller size just in case it did not work with treating my dry skin.

The Jergens brand has been around for many years, but this lotion is a relatively new product. Its key ingredient is African Shea Butter and it promises to restore your skin’s luminosity and by deeply conditioning to reveal three times more radiance.

After taking a shower the following morning, I started my morning routine by putting on the lotion. I immediately noticed the light aroma of cocoa butter and a sweet perfume fragrance. The actual texture of the product was smoother and silkier than any lotion I have used in the past, and my skin immediately felt softer. Usually after going outside in the dismal cold weather, my hands show signs of ashy cracking marks forcing me to reapply more lotion. However, surprisingly, my hands remained smooth and moisturized throughout the day.

Overall, Jergens Shea Butter exceeded my expectations. I have been using this product for the past five days and my skin has never felt so nourished. In addition, having the optional sizes with a relatively inexpensive price tag is just an added incentive to keep this lotion year round.

Jergens Shea Butter Lotion

Can be purchased at: Walmart

Sizes Available: 8 oz., 10 oz., 16.8 oz. and 26.5 oz.

Price range: $3.24 to $7.24

Rating: ★★★★★