The Jones siblings tear up the pool for Rowan Women’s Swimming

Laura Jones (top) and Elizabeth Jones (bottom) compete in races. Both have been a part of Rowan swim for two years. - Photo / Rowan Athletics

Sports are full of moments that make a team feel like family, but for siblings Elizabeth and Laura Jones, that connection runs deeper.

Like most siblings in sports, the two sophomores began their swimming journey when they were little. However, unlike most athletes, their athletic careers have continued down the same path all the way to college at Rowan University.

“We took swimming lessons when we were younger,” Laura said. “But then when we moved to Springfield, Pennsylvania. In the summer, our mom signed us up for the swim team at the local country club.”

Something that started as a way to keep the hyper kids busy has turned into a major part of their lives, as they are nearing 11 years of swimming together and it has become their second nature.

“Having Laura on the team with me isn’t a crazy concept in my mind because I’ve been swimming with them for so long,” Elizabeth said. “If they didn’t swim with me, I’d probably feel like something very important was missing.”

Laura echoed a similar sentiment, as they were the one who brought up the idea of going to Rowan together after their step-brother attended the school.

“Elizabeth’s the best teammate I’ll ever have,” Laura said. “I don’t know swimming without her.” 

Whether it be competing in a relay together or becoming competitive teammates, the Joneses are grateful for each other’s presence in the pool.

“I appreciate Laura’s competitiveness as well as their personality,” Elizabeth said. “I’m able to look at them before a really hard set and go, ‘Yeah, this one’s gonna suck.’ But we are there to support each other, so we’re both able to pull through.”

Both Jones siblings were a part of the team last year and they have each seen growth in themselves that translates into their swimming.

“Personally, I feel that we have found our place on the team,” Laura said. “Our confidence has grown — in practice and in races.”

Last season’s final meet, the Metropolitan Conference Championships, was the most memorable of their college careers so far, as Elizabeth recorded a season-best in her relay, finishing in the top five.

“I was able to see the culmination of all the hard work we put in,” Laura said. “I also started crying when Elizabeth was swimming the 400 free relay. I was very proud to be her sibling.” 

This season, the Profs are 3-2 in the first half of their season and in the most recent meet against William Paterson University, Elizabeth had a season-best time in the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 25.97. Laura also had success with a first-place finish in the 200-yard free relay with Elizabeth, Abbi Schick, and Ella Pennington.

But the siblings know their work this season is nowhere near done, and for Laura, they have a particular goal in mind.

“I want redemption in the 200 free,” Laura said. “I want to go under two minutes. I feel like I have some unfinished business, and I look forward to finishing it.”

After this season, the Jones siblings have two more years at Rowan. In that time, the two are hoping to make their mark on Rowan women’s swimming.

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