Senior Connor Dickerson set to be a leader for Rowan Men’s Basketball

Connor Dickerson dunks the ball. Dickerson is one of the clear leaders on Rowan men's basketball. Tuesday, November 8, 2022. - Multimedia Editor / Lee Kotzen

Every team needs a leader, and the Rowan men’s basketball team has appointed one individual in particular to lead the team through the ups and downs of a college basketball season. 

Connor Dickerson, a 6’3” guard from Marlton, New Jersey, has blossomed into the leader the Profs’ have been searching for during his four years at Rowan. Head coach Joe Crispin is extremely grateful for him stepping into this role.

“He always had that in him, but we’re not an easy group to lead because we’re a very diverse group,” Crispin said. “He’s embraced that while at the same time creating standards for the program and the way we want to operate. He embodies it and that’s why we’re good, our record will eventually show it, but that’s why we’re good, because he knows what we’re about.” 

For Dickerson, he’s just honored that the team trusts him with this role and understands the weight it comes with.

“It means the world,” Dickerson said. “I think if I’m appointed that position by other guys on the team, that means so much more than any win or anything else I could do. I think getting the respect of my teammates and just having that love shared amongst them, that’s what the games about for me.”

The Profs guard was a tennis player before turning to basketball. Dickerson credits picking up basketball in fifth grade as a big reason why he is where he is today.

“I was just looking for an outlet after I was kind of on my way out from playing tennis,” Dickerson said. “I wanted something with a team environment that could take the pressure off me at the time a little bit and just let me enjoy the social experience rather than an alone experience.”

His late arrival to basketball didn’t stop him from making an immediate impact on the court. When he got to Rowan, he played in all 29 games of his freshman year and started two, while averaging over 18 minutes and nearly nine points a game. 

“I think I worked incredibly hard up until that point and I think that was just the fruition of that. I just wanted the team to win and just do anything I could,” Dickerson said. “I hope Coach [Crispin] noticed that at the time and I think he did, and I hope my teammates did as well.”

Crispin definitely noticed Dickerson’s performance, and to this day has nothing but good things to say about the starting guard. 

“Connor’s my guy. It’s been a pleasure and my prayers for him is that he has a healthy year because he’s a great player,” Crispin said. “Great defender, great passer, he’s a great player so we’re hoping to capitalize on that this season as he’s our lead guard.” 

Unfortunately for the Profs, Dickerson has been banged up the past few seasons, as a season-ending wrist injury cut his sophomore year short and he was sidelined for a few games last year. While Dickerson may be frustrated by the injuries, he doesn’t let those negative emotions control him. 

“It was really tough. I really felt like I was finding my rhythm right before that wrist injury,” Dickerson said. “Then the year after, I thought I was playing well before the season got canceled, just like in preseason stuff like practice, and once it got canceled, that just took the wind out of my sails, but I think there is a plan for everyone that we can’t always see.”

With all that being said, Crispin still has faith in his senior guard to lead this Profs team to the where they want to go.

“I’m hoping this year we just keep him healthy,” Crispin said. “Keep him rolling because I’m very confident that he’s going to have a great year and I think we will follow him in that regard.”

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