“Meet The Greeks” Brings Recruitment Opportunities for Rowan’s Greek Life

Members of Lambda Theta Alpha perform choreography. - Photo / Hina Patel

There are 41 fraternities and sororities altogether on Rowan’s campus, and they are all a part of one of the four Greek Councils. Fraternity and sorority life at Rowan University aims to foster intellectual curiosity by rewarding academic excellence, and help students grow personally and socially by giving them opportunities for leadership through self-governance.

 Additionally, the Greek Community works to encourage service through community involvement and co-curricular university initiatives. Fraternities and sororities were established generally as a setting to support the distinctive academic, volunteer and social objectives of each chapter.

During their Meet the Greeks event on Friday, Oct. 7, in the Eynon Ballroom of the Chamberlain Student Center, Rowan University sponsored a demonstration of these ideals. Two of the four councils, the Greek Cultural Organizations Council and the Rowan University National Pan-Hellenic Council, hosted the event. 

“Meet the Greeks is primarily focused on recruitment and showcasing the history and culture of the organization through saluting, stepping and strolling. This is for the general body to engage and entertain their interest,” said Cam’ron Klotz, who is a brother of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated.

Klotz, a biochemistry major, has been a brother of the fraternity for two years now and will be graduating at the end of the year. Klotz continued to say that the event’s goal is also “an insight into the fun stuff,” and that they can’t really go into much detail about this organization since the event is mostly just for showcasing performances.

“Students should reach out to organizations they feel they gravitate toward. Yes, it does play a part in getting new members, by getting their attention,” Klotz said.

Numerous members of fraternities and sororities were given the opportunity to perform choreographed routines, and each performance was followed by a thunderous ovation from the audience.

Kyleigh Bell, who is a “proud and enchanting” sister of Lambda Tau Omega Sorority, also gave insight into the importance of the Meet the Greeks event.

“The purpose is to educate the college campus students and put ourselves out there for others to see as a glimpse of our HERstory and History,” said Bell, who is a senior and the current secretary for the chapter.

Students can learn more about the fraternities and sororities that perform at the event, and it plays a significant role in recruiting potential new members to the groups.

“This opportunity leaves the students to make and leave with their own first impressions. Overall, to leave a standing ovation,” Bell said. “There are plenty of networking opportunities, students get a chance to see multiple organizations step, and stroll. Salute. Greet and see the traditions that have been rooted since the birth of greek life.”

Given that it is one of the first activities held at the start of the semester, this event does contribute to recruiting new members.

Although a large portion of people believe that fraternities and sororities’ only contribution to the university community is hosting weekend parties, both the students and the members of the organization who participate claim to get much more organizations.

“Greek culture benefits the university in a variety of ways. We give the community activities and events to attend, and also participate in community services on and off campus. We hold programs to educate students on current topics and issues in society and other programs to have fun and socialize,” said Bell.

Whether or not students are pursuing an organization, Greek culture, in Bell’s opinion, gives them a chance to network, learn something new and meet new people. As for the members, they get the chance to put ideas into action and are continually expanding their networks. Almost everything is possible when one has a supportive group of extraordinary people on their side.

“I love everything, especially the culture and the family,” Bell said.

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