Racial Slur Valdalism Update: Suspects Charged

Holly Pointe Commons. Photo via Rowan University.

Just over a week ago, on Sept. 11, a freshman at Rowan residing in Holly Pointe Commons woke up to find a racial slur written across the decorations on her door. After removing the decorations, that same day, she found the same racial slur written in pencil across her door. Her sister took to social media about the incident, and students, staff, and members of the Rowan community were outraged and upset. 

Now, almost two weeks later, two “Rowan Daily Mail” emails have been sent out to students by Rowan staff members, Ali A. Houshmand, Tony Lowman, Kevin S. Koett, Dr. Monika Williams Shealey, and Michael Kantner to provide the student body with updates on this incident and the consequences that those involved are facing.

“The individual charged will have his case adjudicated in Glassboro Municipal Court. Both identified individuals have been banned from campus, and action will be taken against the third when identified,” the first email, sent on Sept. 15, read.  

After some more time and investigation, the University has now been able to identify and punish the third suspect as well. 

In addition to the punishments the three individuals are facing, the second update also indicated that “the Rowan student who granted access to these visitors will face disciplinary action,” and the University also places emphasis on how to avoid problems like this in the future.  

“We remind students that you are responsible for your guests’ actions. Remember that what they do reflects on you and your university,” said the “Rowan Daily Mail” sent on Sept. 20.

As the discussion about this upsetting matter continues among students and staff, the community is becoming more aware not only of what goes on around campus but what Rowan has done to resolve this type of violence.

“I think that they’re doing what they can do, we do have people that patrol and they obviously can’t stop every single instance of it, but when we do find out instances, we put in reports and follow the protocols so that they can work it out like how they did this time,” said Melissa Spirn, a resident assistant in Holly Pointe Commons. 

As Rowan continues to deal with the aftermath and repercussions of this incident, Rowan staff ensures students of their commitment to the matter.

“This reprehensible incident should serve as a reminder that students are responsible for their guests and for each other. We are committed to Rowan being a place where students feel comfortable, a home away from home,” the email read.

The University has made it known in these statements that they do not take these situations lightly and that students and their visitors will be held accountable and responsible for their actions.

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