RAH Hosts Annual $10K Bingo Featuring Microwaves, AirPods and More


On Friday, Feb. 25, it was again time for Rowan students to get excited about the annual $1K to $10K Bingo, hosted by Rowan After Hours (RAH). This was the first time since the pandemic started that RAH had an event where a huge turnout was to be expected and students flooded Pfleeger Concert Hall in turn. 

“I’m super excited to play and just win something, anything really. I’m just excited to be back and playing this year,” Rowan student, Mars Green stated. 

Although this is one of RAH’s biggest events of the year, there was a requirement that the whole Concert Hall had to be filled in order for the prize pool to jump from $1K worth of prizes to $10K. However, due to concerns of the COVID pandemic, as well as requirements in place to remain as safe as possible, the attendance rate for the bingo fell short of the 750-person goal. Regardless, the bingo event had a fantastic turnout and RAH proceeded with giving away $10K worth of prizes.

Some of the big-ticket prizes that had the competition stirring were an Apple iPad, Airpods, Apple Watch, 55-inch television, drone and a Dell Laptop. In addition, the prize pool also consisted of a record player, electric guitar and amplifier, Rowan blanket, and a $250 ShopRite gift card. 

Another student, Megan Steckler, won a microwave during the first round of bingo.

“I was really shocked when I won a prize at RAH,” Steckler said. “I’ve been going to bingo nights for a while and never actually won anything. So I was really excited when I saw that I had bingo,” Steckler said.

The event consisted of four rounds and 16 winners. For students that didn’t win a prize, they still had a chance to win Rowan gear throughout the mini-games that were co-sponsored by Student University Programmers in between the rounds. 

RAH has one more bingo event for the year, Drag Bingo, which will be hosted on April 9 and will feature more fun prizes and Drag Queen Performances.

Rowan students are encouraged to visit Proflink for all of the upcoming RAH events and activities.

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