Bennett: Which Type of Makeup Look is Best for You?

Features Intern Kariyah Bennett explores four popular type of makeup looks and reviews each one. - Photo via

We’ve all heard the term “one size fits all.” With makeup, that is not the case, as we all have different skin types. Some people have dry skin, and others have more oily skin. Some even have a mixture of both. 

It’s important to know what types of beauty products work best for your skin types. One of the best ways to learn is by watching videos made by everyday people, who make it their career to give their thoughts on beauty products. Social media influencers play such a key role in the beauty industry because they give the most influential reviews on products that companies send to them. Usually, the most trusted influencers will give honest reviews.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular influencers out there based on every day, going out and drag makeup. 

1. Natural Makeup Influencers

This category is my favorite because it represents the everyday makeup look. Personally, my go-to influencer for this look is Nicol Concilio. She tends to use more hydrating products rather than mattifying, which is better to use for this kind of look, especially if you have dry skin– it’s more comfortable to wear hydrating foundations. They also generally last longer. 

Concilio also gives very thorough and honest reviews of the products she uses. Although she is tough when she gives her reviews, she is also fair and understanding that certain products may work better on different skin types.  She also makes individual videos about how to do your brows, eyeshadow and an amazing base. 

However, if you have more combination skin, I would recommend Paige Korean. She shows you affordable products through “hauls” on her channel, showing off what she might have bought in-store, and then will apply them right on camera to give you a raw first impression. 

She also demonstrates less expensive dupes for some of those products. She also focuses a lot on when Sephora and Ulta are having a sale and points customers in the right direction for products to buy. She also gives tips and tricks to having your makeup last if you do have oily skin and she generally keeps her makeup very simple, natural and beginner-friendly.

2. Evening Makeup Influencers

If you’re going for a night out, Arnell Armon is the girl for you. She teaches you how to achieve a glowy look with your makeup. She also shows how you can turn a daytime look into a nighttime look. She has demonstrated how to do smokey eyes and wig installations as well. Some of her videos are more advanced, but she still has plenty of beginner-friendly tutorials. 

3. Drag Makeup Influencers

The drag world industry also deserves credit for revolutionizing the beauty industry. They taught us how to contour and apply bronzer properly, how to fill in your eyebrows and how to color correct and conceal to give you an amazing base. James Charles and Patrick Starrr are two makeup artists who always have it together.

Starr is amazing for learning how to powder your face without it looking cakey, as well as how to properly apply concealer. He is also known for his collaboration with Mac Cosmetics with his line of Patrick Powder.

Charles is known globally for his artful eyeshadow looks, but he is also beginner-friendly. Giving step-by-step instructions of what makeup he is putting on.

Overall, these influencers have taught me the art of beauty and self-expression through makeup. I recommend all of these influencers for learning different tips and tricks as well as following along with their makeup looks.

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