English Department Research Assistantship Awards Program: Now Accepting Applications 


According to an email sent on Feb. 9 to all English majors from Dr. Zena Meadowsong, associate professor and department chair, the English Department has recently established a Research Assistantship Awards program for English students and full-time English Department faculty interested. 

In brief, students and faculty will have the opportunity to complete independent research through the two award avenues. There are two types of RAships available: Scholarly Research Assistantships (SRAs) and Pedagogical Research Assistantships (PRAs). 

SRAs are research-based assistantships. Students interested will be expected to assist a full-time faculty in developing an existing or future research project. Student SRAs will meet regularly with a full-time faculty member and complete tasks such as, but not limited to: going on trips to the library to gather resources, compiling annotated bibliographies and gathering appropriate material and sources. 

Students who look forward to applying for graduate school to obtain a master or Ph.D. are highly encouraged to apply as SRAs will greatly benefit students who look to hone their research skills. 

On the other hand, PRAs are beneficial for students looking to become English teachers.

Students acting as PRAs will aid a full-time faculty member in developing a future, or already existing, English course. Collaborating with a full-time English faculty member, students may assist members with lesson planning, finding teaching materials for class, developing a syllabus and assignments, website construction and maintenance. 

“I think that this scholarship is a really amazing opportunity for students and faculty to be recognized and come together through their hard work,” Allison Passalacqua, a freshman at Rowan University majoring in English, said. “It helps develop experience and enables continued contributions to their field. This is also a great incentive for students to strive for greatness and expand their involvement in the English department.”

In order to apply for these RAships students must be an English major, be of junior or senior in ranking, pass Critical Methods I and II for English majors and file a letter of support from the member of full-time faculty with whom they would prefer to work with. Students are limited to only one RAship per their undergraduate study. 

All students looking for Summer or Fall RAships must apply by March 7, 2022. And all students looking for Spring 2023 RAships must apply by Oct. 1, 2023. 

For more information, students interested can email Dr. Zena Meadowsong at meadowsong@rowan.edu or call at 856-256-4483. 

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