Rowan University Celebrates Black History Month

Members of Rowan's Black Cultural League will help cultivate events during the Black History Month celebration. - Photo via Former Multimedia Editor / Alex Rossen

Rowan University is celebrating Black History Month in honor of the diverse Rowan community. Through the partnerships of the Black Culture League and Rowan After Hours, Rowan is hosting various events to celebrate this month, including Black Jeopardy, a fashion show and a speakeasy.

The “Blast From the Past” fashion show will showcase young Black designers and their take of previous design trends of their predecessors, reinvent their styles and revamp it into modern-day fashion trends.

The fashion show is co-sponsored between Black Culture League and Rowan After Hours. The event will be held in the Student Chamberlin Center on Feb. 17 and will begin at 9 p.m. with the show starting at 10 p.m.  

This event pays homage to the beautiful works that were trending in past history and inspires students to create amazing pieces from those trends. It will help students reflect on the culture and those that came before and educate themselves on designers that influenced the culture through their trends.  

Rowan continues the celebration with a speakeasy to pay tribute to the 1920’s jazz club life. 

The event will consist of a casino, jazz music, dance music and food reminiscent of the time period. This will give insights for students to educate themselves on the lifestyle that was popular in the 1920s. Black tie is strongly encouraged. The event will be held in the Chamberlain Student Center on Feb. 18 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. 

Finally, Rowan will end the month-long celebration and festivities by testing students’ knowledge about black history through the fun and interactive game Black Jeopardy. 

This event is sponsored by Rowan After Hours and will give out prizes to the winners of the game.  Students can test their knowledge on the culture, the history of the community, and important figures and activists that have shaped and empowered the black community today.

Students can challenge themselves to see what they already know about black history. This event was covered last year through the collaboration of the Black Culture Club and Rowan After Hours, due to the enormous success the event was brought back as a commemoration of Black History Month.

Rowan University is encouraging different organizations, clubs and student life to join in the movement to celebrate Black History Month. More events are expected to be held from different sororities and fraternities throughout the months as part of the celebration.

Rowan is currently preparing for Women’s History Month in March partnering with different facilities and organizations including Rowan After Hours. For more information on different events that are being sponsored students can check out Proflink for different cultural events throughout the semester.

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