Rowan Women’s Cross Country has a strong showing at the Bill Fritz Invitational led by Lyndsay Boyd

Rowan's Lyndsay Boyd (719) during a race. Boyd ended in tenth place at the Bill Fritz Invitational. - Photo / Rowan Athletics

At long last, the Women’s Cross Country team is back and on track to return to their championship form.

This past Saturday, the squad competed in the Bill Fritz Invitational in front of an energetic crowd composed primarily of their close family and friends. 

Eager to put out their best performance, the Profs rose to the occasion in impressive fashion, especially New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) Athlete of the Week Lyndsay Boyd. Her time of 25:44.9 landed her tenth in the event. For Boyd, receiving that recognition and jumping out to this solid start has been huge for her in this young season.

“I was definitely surprised and not expecting that big honor, but I was definitely happy with it,” Boyd said. “It’s been difficult not having competed in so long, but getting back into the routine and competition has been lots of fun.”

Head Coach Derick “Ringo” Adamson definitely saw promise in this young and talented group. He was not disappointed by any stretch of the imagination.

“We weren’t quite at expectation, but we weren’t far off,” Adamson said. “Right now, it’s all about seeing how the course is run and how it’s laid out. I want them to understand the mental and physical difficulties of the courses very well so we can get ready for October and November.”

Speaking of the team’s preparation for the gauntlet of races fast approaching, Adamson made the decision to cancel this Friday’s race in order to ensure they are fully ready for the task at hand. For him, the sky’s the limit as long as they are willing to do the work necessary for success.

“The only way this group will not succeed is by not doing,” Adamson said. “If they do what I ask them to do, they will surely succeed. After all, even small, sharpened axes can cut down big trees. As long as they allow themselves to be sharpened and they continue to believe in themselves, they’ll be able to rise up.” 

Adamson emphasized the importance of positivity in achieving one’s goals. That mindset is the only way to truly ensure sustained success. 

“I don’t care who you are, but the laws of sacrifice will lead to success while the laws of comfort will lead to collapse,” Adamson admitted. “You have to be able to back up that talk and really do what you say you will.”

That’s exactly what Boyd plans on doing this season, as she sets her sights with championship aspirations. For a senior athlete that will soon be concluding her career, there would be nothing sweeter than going out as a champion.

“Winning another NJAC title would be incredible for us as a team,” Boyd said. “This was my first time running with the underclassmen, and I can tell that they are extremely talented. If we want this, we just have to continue to put in the work and be consistent.”

Given Adamson’s extensive resume and history with winning, trusting his judgement and instruction seems to be along the path to victory. If these young and talented runners continue at this speed they may see a title in their futures. 

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