Rowan University's Game Room is hosting the second annual Extra Life Gaming Marathon virtually, in collaboration with the Gaming Club and Rowan Honors Extra Life Organization. - Photo via

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect the correct date of this event

Set to take place virtually through the Chamberlain Student Center Game Room, Rowan University will be hosting its second annual Extra Life Gaming Marathon Saturday, March 20.

A collaboration between the Rowan Gaming Club and the Rowan Honors Extra Life Organization, this virtual event will strive to bring the Rowan community together, in an effort to raise money for local branches of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions and limitations, the event will go on for eight hours this year, rather than the usual 24.

The virtual event will be livestreamed through Twitch, an interactive platform designed for the live viewing and broadcasting of video games. In the days leading up to the gaming marathon, as well as throughout the night of the event, students will be able to interact with the Game Room, ask questions and view the event’s full itinerary through their Discord link.

Links to both the Twitch and Discord will be provided to students through the event’s ProfLink page. Ambre McKenna, the assistant director of service areas and inclusion initiatives, discussed how students can get involved.

“There are a variety of ways that if individuals are interested in playing, that they can reach out and be featured on our stream… For example, we’ll be doing a ‘Jackbox Party-Pack’ hour,” she said. “We’ll have ‘Jackbox’ playing, so, really, you don’t have to be in person to play. Individuals can play virtually with us, if they want to.”

The Gaming Club will also be hosting their signature tournament of intensive Chutes and Ladders, in addition to a number of other gaming classics throughout the night. From “Call of Duty” to “Tetris,” this event is dedicated to providing all students with a variety of gaming choices, regardless of your previous experience or gaming skill.

McKenna hopes to emphasize how passionately Rowan feels for the Extra Life Organization, as well as her excitement toward the Rowan community’s opportunity to once again take part in this charitable event.

“Now more than ever I think our charitable organizations need our support,” McKenna said. “…It was important to us not to give up this opportunity to support them, even though we recognize that it is more challenging in this environment. Certainly, more than ever, children need additional resources… so we want to do what we can.”

The Extra Life Organization has worked diligently to raise money for ill and injured children since 2008, raising over $70 million worldwide in the last 13 years. During last year’s marathon, Rowan was able to raise over $4,000 in donations, an achievement that has brought hope and confidence for this year’s donation goal of $2,500.

“Last year was inspiring… when we set our goal, we set a goal of $3,000, and not only did we meet that, but to exceed it by almost $1,500 was incredible. So, to know that we could have that impact just made us want to work even harder this year,” McKenna said.

For those looking to donate during the event, all donations can be made online through the university’s official Extra Life donation link, which will also be available through the event’s ProfLink page.

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