Men’s Basketball Coach Joe Crispin Gives a Preview for the Team’s Next Season

A Rowan Men's Basketball player jumping up to the rim during a game last season. The team is hoping to build off their last season when their next season does begin. - File Photo / Ben Stephens

While the COVID-19 case count continues to rise in New Jersey and with Governor Phil Murphy tightening up on restrictions, it is impossible to predict what the Rowan Men’s Basketball team’s season will look like.

However, one thing is for sure: when the season does start, Head Coach Joe Crispin and his squad will be ready to run the floor and make it rain in the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC). 

The team finished last season with a solid 15-12 record, and a 7-3 record at home. They capped off the season with an impressive six game winning streak before falling to Stockton University in the semifinal round of the NJAC Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament, which put their 2019-2020 season to a close after winning the championship the year before.

When asked how the team would build off their successful end of season run despite the circumstances put in place, Crispin remained optimistic.

“In a normal season, we would be looking to build upon it with a championship run,” Crispin said. “And though we will naturally want to win every game we play, I think our expectations have become more about playing and working together than anything else.”

The off-season has been anything but consistent, as Crispin has not had the luxury of practicing with all of his personnel due to indoor capacity limitations. A final schedule is yet to be established as well.

It is unclear whether, if there are any games, Rowan students and fans will be allowed to bring the electricity to Esby Gym in the Boro, but the boys in brown and gold are determined to do it themselves if they have to.

“I think we will focus most on creating our own energy and maximizing the fun we can have playing the game,” Crispin said. “Those are two good areas to focus on no matter what.”

The game plan for now is to space the floor and play exhilarating up-tempo basketball. With the roster itself being deep and full of talent, the team should have no problem performing at a high level.

“Our goal is always to play the kind of game that everyone else wants to watch and to play themselves,” Crispin said. “I think this group can definitely do so at a high level this season.”

The team is hoping to play their opener in January and are eager for their return.

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