Holly Pointe resident tests positive for COVID-19

Holly Pointe Commons houses most freshmen on campus. - Photo / Miguel Martinez

Two members of the Rowan University community have tested positive for COVID-19, according to two recent emails from the university.

While one is an employee for the Cooper School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford, the other is a student from the Glassboro campus previously residing in Holly Pointe Commons.

“The student has not been on campus since developing symptoms on March 13,” the email reads. Both cases are receiving care while in isolation and individuals in close contact will be notified. Due to privacy laws and regulations, no further information can be shared which may identify either individual.

Several students who lived in Holly Pointe Commons prior to spring break have expressed concerns about the spread of the virus throughout the dormitory. A major concern among residents of the 1,400-student building has been the communal culture of the building, as well as public health conditions within bathrooms and other common areas.

“The building is a cesspool,” freshman mechanical electrical and computer engineering major Charlie Hess said. “Before danger from corona became apparent, if I had to guess, I’d say I saw about 10% of people using the bathroom wash their hands after. If one person got sick while living there, the whole building would.”

Hess added that an additional obstacle to personal and public health at Holly Pointe has been access to proper hand washing supplies.

“Holly [Pointe custodial staff] frequently didn’t restock paper towels or soap in a number of the bathrooms,” Hess said.

Another now-former Holly Pointe resident, freshman biology and disaster preparedness and emergency management double-major Maura Scott, also expressed concern for the spread of the novel coronavirus among Holly Pointe residents.

“It’s a bit unsettling,” Scott said. “Especially since Holly is a community style dorm, so there’s no way to know where it really spread. I’m not too worried about my room or any of my things, though. My room is closed, and has stayed closed, so I’d like to think none of my things could be contaminated.”

However, Scott also noted that she felt that communal spaces were generally clean and well-stocked to facilitate personal hygiene.

“I would use the bathrooms there,” she said. “I think only twice that I used the bathroom there was no soap. I’ve never had a problem with low paper towels or toilet paper.”

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