Letter to the Editor: Response to Fuad on parking passes


Good afternoon,

I just read the article about Rowan’s parking passes. I commute to school and unfortunately cannot afford their parking pass. This was my first year driving to school so I honestly had no idea about the parking rules.

I parked in one of the lots behind James Hall just to run inside and drop off some papers to my professor. I wasn’t gone for no more than 10-15 minutes and came back to see a $75 parking ticket. I immediately reached out to them to inform them of my situation (new to driving on campus, single mother, minimum wage job, broke college student, etc.), and do you know they did not care about anything I had to say. They even tried to convince me to purchase a parking pass even after I informed them of my financial issues.

It’s horrible. They only care about money here at Rowan. “IT’S MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!” Why should we have to pay to park at a school that we’re already paying to attend? It should be included with everything else we already have to pay for.

What’s next? Will we have to pay to breathe on campus? This needs to be fixed immediately. I was just reaching out because many of us can relate to this article.

Thank you. 

-J. D.

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