Rowan women's soccer team beats Rutgers-Newark 4-1, in an important NJAC matchup on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018 - Photo/Jaryd Leady

This past week was a strong one for the women’s soccer team here at Rowan University. 

After a long and hard seven game stretch that only saw one win for the Profs, this past week’s two games gave them a chance to pick up some very important wins. 

On Wednesday, Oct. 9 the Profs were able to out-last Eastern University 1-0 with their strong defensive presence on display, and on Oct. 12 the team showed off their strong offensive side when they defeated conference opponents New Jersey City University (NJCU) 8-1. 

Both of these games were very important due to the fact the wins brought Rowan’s record back up to above .500, but they were also important because they helped the team gain a new-found confidence that coach Scott Leacott thinks might have been missing. 

“I don’t know if it is an improvement, I think it’s just more of a belief in themselves. We needed to get on a little bit of a streak and we are on that right now and it’s just about maintaining it,” Leacott said. “We needed these last couple games to get in the win column to start feeling a little better about ourselves and hopefully this will transition into the next game.”

It is really important that the Profs keep this winning streak going, especially since they are so close to the end of the season and are hoping to make the NJAC tournament, earning a good enough seed to have at least one game of home field advantage.

But in order to do this, they still have to make a few more improvements before the last five games of the regular season. 

“We play extremely well in spurts, and then we play okay,” Leacott said. “We just need to start putting together full games, being a little more aggressive in our attack and work on maintaining our defensive presence. If we can maintain that a little bit better … we should be really good down the stretch.”

The first step to finishing the season strong and keeping their winning streak going starts on Thursday against Rutgers-Camden, and right now that is the team’s main focus. 

“We take it game by game, we are trying to position ourselves to get into the NJAC tournament and we are trying to position ourselves to get a home game,” Leacott said. “If we start looking ahead and forget about the next game, we are putting ourselves in a lot of trouble.”

That next game is happening on Thursday Oct. 17, a home game here at Rowan University against Rutgers-Camden at 6:00 p.m.

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