Daniel Jones at his press conference after the NFL Draft this year. Photo / Daniel Jones' Wikipedia

The New York Giants might finally have their franchise quarterback for years to come in Daniel Jones.

And you know what? It’s about time!

The Giants should have moved on from Eli Manning about four to five years ago to be honest.

On the other hand, Jones has brought some life and excitement back to New York City with how he’s played so far. Even though he didn’t have that great of a game this past Sunday against the Redskins with two interceptions, that’s something that you can ultimately live with when it comes to a young quarterback.

If you have had the chance to see this kid play, something about his play just feels right. His mobility. His arm strength. His accuracy. It’s kind of odd to see due to the fact that he was ranked towards the bottom of every single QB statistic in the NFL Scouting Combine.

Usually a QB that performs that poorly is not even a starting quarterback in today’s NFL, but Daniel Jones has proved that to be false.

Ever since the Giants won the Super Bowl over seven years ago, it has been turmoil. Since then, they have only made the playoffs once and have been an afterthought in their own conference let alone the entire NFL.

Daniel Jones has brought hope to this city despite all of the critics that doubted him, and he’s in a position to do something special in the best place possible for him.

Now, for God’s sake, let’s hope that Jones can keep this momentum because if any organization needs it, the Giants do.

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