Letter to the Editor: A response to ‘Rowan Republicans engage with students about gun policy’


Editor’s Note: Some wording of this letter have been revised for clarity purposes.

I would like to add my comments to the discussion.

I am Steve Walter, a 64-year-old retired project engineer.

I feel that the Second Amendment was written when guns were single-shot muzzle loaders … at least 15 seconds between shots. The writers did not foresee the necessity in putting clear limits on what the killing-power level of the arms we should have the right to bear should be.

The law must now consider what kill power do we want in the hands of any and every person. Background screening has proven to be a totally unreliable means of avoiding mass killing by idiots who have semi-automatic guns. Obviously the wide range of general public individuals are not mature enough, or sane enough, to handle an open gun law.

I have had to change my view of what the Second Amendment should be limited to. Obviously we do not want it to apply to weapons of mass destruction … it must be limited to: what do we trust the most insane idiot in society with having in his/her hands.

Some level of single-shot gun should be allowed … but it has been proven that the general public cannot be entrusted with handling any multiple fire or semi-automatic weapon. Sport shooting is not an adequate reason to allow idiots to have weapons that can easily kill multiple people within a few minutes.

— Steve Walter

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