Women’s cross country trains even harder in two week break

Carley Tool at the Philadelphia Metro Championships. - Photo / Rowan Athletics

What do you do when you’re faced with a long gap in between meets? You work even harder.

Entrenched in a two week long bye in between meets, Rowan’s women’s cross country team is not taking a break. They’re grinding even harder. 

“The training intensifies,” said head coach Derek “Ringo” Adamson.

Despite being a bye week on the schedule, this week without a meet is anything but, instead high intensity training is the main focus.

Normally such a long break after a successful start is a negative to a team. Not in Adamson’s eyes though. He sees the week as one for extra preparation and a good adjustment for the freshmen on the team.

“Remember in high school you have dual meets during the week,” Adamson said. “In college you don’t have that. That’s why this layoff isn’t a layoff. We will rest but we will work hard.”

Adamson gave an anecdote on how beneficial a week without a meet could be for the team, pointing out how competition during training can bring the best out of runners.

“[After the workout] I’m going to put another group of girls in there,” Adamson said. “I’m hoping that the second tier of girls, who can tend to just lay behind in the back of the pack … I’m hoping two or three will rise up out of there and realize they can run faster than wait for all the other ones to do the work.”

We’ll see if that does indeed happen as the team prepares for the Bill Fritz Invitational on Saturday, Sept. 21.

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