Fall activities to help make the most of the season

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With the start of the fall semester comes the inevitable end of beach, sun and vacation season. Though summer is ripe with fun, as well as a break from the fast pace of classes, many people prefer the cool temperatures that roll in during autumn to the unrelenting heat of the summer months.

For people who, like me, prefer the summer because of the variety of things there are to do, finding activities to do in the fall can occasionally be tricky. For those who have trouble thinking of fall activities, below is a list of the multitude of things to enjoy during a time of year when summer-lovers think, Ugh, what is there to even do?

Go pumpkin picking

Going to a field full of these autumnal gourds can be something that brings back pleasant childhood memories, as it is one of the most nostalgic and iconic fall activities around. Not only do you get to choose the perfect pumpkin, you can do it with some of your closest friends and make some new memories along the way.

While some may be content just to pick a pumpkin and take it as it is, others may want to dedicate time to make their pumpkin extra festive and carve designs into it, making it a jack-o’-lantern.

If decorative gourds aren’t your style but you still want to be out in nature, try going apple picking. You still get to breathe in that crisp fall air, but you get some food out of the adventure, too.

Attend a fall festival

Across the country, people hold fall festivals to celebrate the season.
A majority of fall festivals run during September and October. Some are smaller and are only known by locals, but others attract visitors from all over.

Most fall festivals feature activities for all ages and people, like carnival rides, shopping opportunities, local vendors, jack-o’-lantern carving and corn mazes.

Some festivals even bring the festivities of the German holiday Oktoberfest to the United States with traditional Bavarian dances, music and food.

Do something spooky

When you first think of autumn, you likely think of Halloween and everything that comes along with it. Take time to have a scary movie marathon with friends and indulge in some Halloween candy, or walk through a haunted house and see which of your friends gets scared most easily.

You could even try to surprise your friends with some spooky pranks to scare them when they least expect it.  

Enjoy some fall-themed treats

Every year when fall comes around, the craze for pumpkin spice things starts back up. Cookies, lattes, candies, marshmallows, almonds, ice cream, alcoholic beverages, dog treats — you name it, there’s probably a pumpkin spice version of it.

However, pumpkin spice certainly isn’t the only autumn treat. Candy apples are also widely eaten, as are a variety of pies. And, of course, many people drink hot apple cider that warms you up on cooler fall days.

The activities listed above don’t even scratch the surface of all the fun things there are to do in autumn. There are so many events to attend and things to enjoy exclusively in the fall that you could never run out of ideas.

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