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Let me start this off by saying I’m very much not a fan of Tom Brady or the New England Patriots. With that in mind, you probably have an idea as to why I wasn’t fond of this Super Bowl.

Brady and his gang are part of why I wasn’t a fan, but the reasons go deeper.

Can You Get to the Point(s)?

Not too long after the game had concluded, I received a notification about how this Super Bowl was the lowest scoring in the history of the game.

Was that something to be proud of?

Media headlines for the game sure liked to use the word “historic” to describe it, but few elaborated on what made it so groundbreaking. For a large part of the game, the Pats kept a simple 3-0 lead over the LA Rams. This went on into the third quarter. For Patriots fans, this was fine, as their team maintained the lead for the majority of the game.

For Rams fans, it was still likely an exciting game. Although the numbers were small, the script could have been flipped at any time.

For everyone else, it was rather dull. I’m aware this was a very defensive game, but that certainly doesn’t make for much of a spectacle in the context of the largest televised event of the year. It also doesn’t seem very reflective of the abilities of the supposedly best offenses of the NFC and AFC.

Also annoying is how Tom Brady, the supposed GOAT, acquired a sixth ring despite not throwing a single touchdown the entire game.

Even as a big hater of his, there are times when I have to give him props. Coming back from a 28-9 deficit against the Atlanta Falcons two Super Bowls ago to take the win in the literal final seconds of the game?



Rather flat.

You Used Me… For Sicko Mode?

The halftime show is usually an extravagant concert unto itself that gets talked about for at least a few days after the game. This year’s show is being talked about, but for some pretty negative reasons.

Adam Levine resembled Jared Leto’s Joker with his tattoos, which was…fine.

But that’s not what I want to focus on. Prior to the day of the Super Bowl, the internet was stirring up talk about “Sweet Victory.” This song is famous to our generation for its use in an episode of “Spongebob Squarepants” where Squidward makes a marching band out of the citizens of Bikini Bottom. An online movement wanted it to be played during the halftime show as a way to honor the recently-deceased creator of “Spongebob,” Stephen Hillenburg.

Like many others, I was anticipating a live-action performance of the song. But we were duped, bamboozled and even smeckledorfed (where my “Spongebob” fans at?!). What we got was a few seconds of “Sweet Victory” that then transitioned into Travis Scott’s entrance with his song “Sicko Mode,” complete with some odd graphics of meteors entering Earth’s atmosphere and then crashing into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The trick played on the millions watching expecting “Sweet Victory” is really the only part of the show people are concerned with now.


Another Super Bowl is in the books. The match-up never sounded that appealing to me in the first place and there ended up not being much to write home about. After the high intensity and nail-biting action of last year and even the year before, our latest installment of the largest game in football, and arguably in sports as a whole, fell far short of what most expected.

The bottom line is:

We really got denied an Eagles repeat for this?

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