Glassboro’s Primitive Axe gives Rowan students a free chance to throw competitive axes

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Grab an axe and get ready to throw! Primitive Axe, a new axe throwing range on Delsea Drive, introduced Rowan’s newest intramural sport, competitive axe throwing, with an introductory throwing event. The range was half-stacked with Rowan students looking to learn how to sink that clutch.

Rowan University was contacted by the president and owner of Primitive Axe Adam Pennypacker. Pennypacker, an alumnus of Rowan, reached out to the university with hope of running an intramural axe throwing team.

“It seemed like a prime opportunity,” Pennypacker said.

The team will be run by Rowan University’s Rec Center at Primitive Axe. 

Coaching will be outsourced to Primitive Axe. Students who are interested in joining should speak with Andrew Havrisko, assistant director of intramural sports and special events, and/or Shan Paracka, graduate coordinator for intramural sports and special events.

The competitive axe throwing scene has been on the uprise. Pennypacker hopes that the university will have a chance to participate in intramural events and that Primitive Axe may be granted the opportunity to host a club team for the university.

The event had a decent turnout. More than 25 students went to see what the sport had to offer.

Jessica Kozlowski, junior human performance and clinical studies major, and Scott Brior, junior nutrition and exercise science major, were surprised by what they had experienced.

“Definitely different than anything we’ve ever done before,” Kozlowski said.

Primitive Axe holds both group and individual time slots for those who want to give it a try. 

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