5 best winter activities to fight the cold

Rowan University covered in snow earlier this year. -Multimedia Editor/ Miguel Martinez

For some, looking out a window to see glittering snow brings back fond memories of school being canceled, rushing to bundle up in their warmest clothes, having snowball fights or making the biggest snowmen possible.

For others, winter is the season where everything dies, especially their own sanity!

No matter which side of the Winter Wonderland Spectrum the needle is pointing to, everyone has to agree on one thing: Winter can get chilly! With the dip in temperatures, some everyday activities can be less fun to complete, like driving or simply going for a walk.

Rowan University students walk to class during the first snow of the season -Multimedia Editor/ Miguel Martinez

So, what can you do to still make the most out of this wonderful season, or to kill the time until the sun comes back? Here’s five things you can do when it’s cold outside:.

  • Listen To New Music.

Everyone likes music. Honestly, if I came across a person who said they didn’t listen to any music, I would think they were a serial killer. Being stuck inside is a great time to ask friends, roommates, pets or family members if they have any music suggestions that might be of interest. If you haven’t listened to that new song everybody is talking about or that album by the number one hit artist of 2018, now is the time to play catch-up.  

  • Make Up A Game With Your Friends.

It all started with two words. Silent Football. A homemade game that requires nothing but a circle of people to play. This small game between friends grew to become a legend of our dorming hall – we even got the RA to play. Sadly, it’s against the rules for me to tell just anyone how to play Silent Football, but I encourage you and your friends to make up your own game. The crazier the better.

  • Enjoy A Cup of Hot Cocoa.

I am a firm believer that hot chocolate magically tastes better in the winter, as do all other hot drinks. My theory is that it has something to do with the same magic that powers Santa’s sleigh. Still, a good cup of cocoa is one of the best ways to enjoy the winter.

  • Get A Head Start On Schoolwork.

This one is pretty self explanatory, but sometimes we can get distracted with all the fun aspects of college that we forget we are actually students with deadlines and papers to write. Get comfy, open the blinds, turn the heat on and get started on some projects that aren’t due for a while. Getting a head start will benefit in the long run.

  • Let Out the Inner Ten-Year-Old.

And no, I don’t mean eat 20 dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. What I mean is to go back to a simpler time. Going back to ten years old, there was no ability to drive or leave the house, only to be entertained with what you had available. I don’t know about everybody else, but I used to love drawing. I was terrible at it, I’ll give you that, but I really did enjoy it. I haven’t seriously sat down and tried to sketch something in ages, but now that the winter chill is keeping me inside, I might go back and try it. I recommend everybody pick up that activity that was so dearly loved but hasn’t been done since childhood.

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