McCray: Thankfulness


Thanksgiving can be a haven for a college student since it comes as finals loom for the fall semester. This can be a time for students to get a home-cooked meal and see their hometown friends.

Many of us find meaning in the annual rituals, like eating until we nearly explode, watching football, reuniting with families and gearing up for the Christmas season.

What comes to your mind for Thanksgiving?

For me, it’s a table filled with gravy-slathered turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cornbread, cranberry sauce, green beans and pumpkin pie with a hot beverage on the side.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my mom, a supportive group of friends, a college education, having home cooked meals, having a roof over my head and having clothes on my back.

Here’s some other things that us college kids might take time to appreciate:

  • Coffee, our heavenly energy source for those late-night essays
  • Friends that understand us
  • Any free food
  • Netflix marathons
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A place to charge our phones
  • Class friends
  • The realization that winter break is coming
  • Home cooked meals
  • Getting sleep

Did you stay on campus for Thanksgiving?

If you did and feel like you missed out, you could look at the situation through the lens of thankfulness. You may have saved money on travel, had time to catch up on work and sleep or prepare for finals.

As we apply thankfulness to all areas of our lives, let’s also take time to think of ways to help others during the coming holiday season.

  • Offering a classmate a ride home for the holidays
  • Helping one another study
  • Treating your roommate to a meal
  • Taking time to write to loved ones
  • Being a good friend by listening
  • Donate to your local food banks

However you spend your holiday, be sure to enjoy it and those around you.

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