Gut Reaction: Steve’s Grilled Cheese

Steve's Grilled Cheese buffalo chicken Mac and cheese. -Contributor/Erika Solis

Three years ago, Geneva Gerwitz wrote about Steve’s Grilled Cheese and Quesadilla Company’s opening for The Whit. How would I, someone who didn’t go to Rowan three years ago, know this? The restaurant has Gerwitz’s original article taped on the wall, slightly brown from hanging up for several years. In her article, Gerwitz discusses the kindness of the staff, the tasty food and a few awkward moments. Three years later, the business continues to thrive with great food and customer service. 

Geneva Gerwitz article on display in Steve’s Grilled Cheese in Glassboro. -Contributor/Erika Solis

Before I went, I made sure to look at the menu on their website. The bright colors caught me off guard, as did the prices. Eight dollars for grilled cheese? I was worried the food would be too overwhelming. Nevertheless, I went with my boyfriend and we both selected a grilled cheese sandwich and mac and cheese to try a little of everything. Walking in, the place was packed. Almost every table was full of Rowan students. On a weekend, it would make sense. However, I went on a Tuesday night, when typically, students aren’t going out too much. 

I understood the awkward moments echoed by Gerwitz when no one was at the register. I wasn’t sure who to ask or if the wait was long. When a woman did appear, it was easy to tell she was frazzled. She took our order ($45 after tip), she expressed her frustrations. There were ten delivery orders along with the tables inside! When I asked if this was normal for a Tuesday night, she replied sometimes, but not this extreme. 

Steve’s Grilled Cheese photo of Harry Potter casing a flying grilled cheese. -Contributor/Erika Solis

We ordered our meal to go, but after waiting fifteen minutes, I got a sense of the atmosphere. The walls were decorated with movie scenes updated to include grilled cheese. Some movies featured included Forrest Gump, Jaws and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. My personal favorite was Harry Potter catching the grilled cheese as a snitch. The best way to describe the atmosphere is cozy. It reminded me of a cheesy coffee shop in the best way possible. Once our food was ready, my boyfriend and I headed home to eat our meal. 

When we opened up the boxes, we understood why the meals were expensive. All grilled cheese sandwiches come with a side, and the sides only make the meals better. The best sandwich we ordered was by far the chicken parm. The garlic bread and marinara sauce together with the cheese tasted like a pizza sandwich. The chicken helped add a texture the cheese couldn’t provide. Compared to this, the four-cheese sandwich seemed bland. Although, the tomato soup did wonders. The soup went well with every item we ordered. 

The mac and cheese dishes were both great in its own ways. We ordered two very different kinds: buffalo chicken and mushrooms. The buffalo chicken was my personal favorite. When you open the lid, you get an immediate punch of spice. When eating it, the spice is there, but not as impactful as the punch. It’s a slow burn that intensifies the quicker you down it. The mushroom was interesting, but mushy since the two textures are similar. 

Steve knows exactly what he’s doing with his cheese. It’s a little expensive for college students, but the taste makes ordering it worth it. Gerwitz noted she couldn’t wait to return for another meal, and I can’t help but agree. 

Info Box: Entree prices range from $7.50-$10.50 on average, with some outliers.

Name: Steve’s Grilled Cheese

Address: 22 High St. E., Glassboro, N.J. 08028

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