RAH ‘Haunted Casino Night’ brings luck to Halloween


Spooky season came to the student center this weekend with Rowan After Hours’ “Haunted Casino Night.” Decorations included cobwebs, gigantic pumpkins and zombies around every corner, setting the scene for an evening of haunted fun.

For the event on Friday, Oct. 26th, tables were set up in the Chamberlain Student Center pit featuring casino card games with real-life zombies as the card handlers. 

Aela Williams, freshman human performance in a clinical setting major, came out to join in the Halloween festivities. 

RAH Haunted Casino night gave students the opportunity to win some amazing prizes. -Features Editor/Sydney Kerelo

“I love Halloween, and I love horror,” Willams said. “I wish I could dress up, but I have no talent. I wanna make my costume and make it look real, rather than being a typical college Halloween costume. I just want to do some cool stuff.” 

Spread around the room were casino card games such as poker, Texas hold ’em, black jack and a huge wheel that students could spin to try and win prizes. 

Nick Testa, a senior chemical engineering major and Joe Scafiro, a junior history and second education major, both worked the RAH event. Testa is the Coordinator of Technical Services at RAH, while Scafiro is the Programming Coordinator. -Features Editor/Sydney Kerelo

Nick Testa, a senior chemical engineering major, and Joe Scafiro, a junior history and secondary education major, both worked the RAH event. Testa is the coordinator of technical services at RAH, while Scafiro is the programming coordinator. 

“[Tonight] we have a Halloween themed prize that’s a few Stephen King novels and some gift cards to do sort of like a reading pack,” Scafiro said. “We have a crock pot and some Tupperware that’s a meal prep pack, we have a bunch of restaurant gift cards that are pretty self explanatory and we have one of the Rowan blankets from the bookstore.” 

Halloween brought out the creatures in everyone at casino night, with ghouls and goblins working the event and some pretty interesting prizes.

“[Casino] nights do pretty well and obviously it’s a Friday and there are other things going on but we have good turn out and I know people usually stay for the entire night at the casino because it’s all night fun,” Testa said. 

Jackie Charlton, a freshman mechanical engineering major, attended the event dressed as a combination of a witch and zombie.  

“This look I kind of put together, it’s a part witch, part zombie thing,” Charlton said. “I used Chapstick with blush and stuff over it. As the broke college student, you use what you got.” 

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