Waffle Wednesday is dedicated to encouraging commuters to social and engage on campus. -Courtesy of pixabay.com

What’s a dark caramel color, sticky and all over the place?

You guessed it…


On the fourth Wednesday of every month, the Office of Commuter Services has an event known as Waffle Wednesday. This is meant to delay commuters from immediately taking to the streets and heading home, and instead offer them a way to socialize on campus.

 The program provides an opportunity for commuters to not only enjoy free waffles, but network with each other, learn about campus resources and sign up for the commuter mentoring program. When you sign up for the program you get to spend time with veteran commuters who are more involved on campus. 

Naveen Khan is the graduate coordinator for the Office of Volunteerism, Community Engagement and Commuter Services.

“I used to be a commuter and now I’m a grad coordinator,” Khan said. “It wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t involved on campus.” 

She credits much of her success here at Rowan to her regular decisions to get more involved.

Many commuters often say the biggest headache comes with finding parking.

According to Rachel Savage, a commuter and junior marketing major, in order to get a spot in the parking lot students have to leave early enough for the “chaotic apocalypse” that is parking.

Savage has been rear-ended three times since she has been here. 

Despite the headache of commuting, she claims that she enjoys getting to go home. She’s grateful for the commuter services on campus, especially the waffles.

Jo Carter has commuted since her sophomore year. A senior now and a student athlete, she notes that she has made a lot of commuter friends in her time here at Rowan just by talking to them on campus and meeting them at events. 

“I make an effort to get to every event that the commuter services office hosts, but especially Taco Tuesday and Waffle Wednesday,” Carter said. 

Many commuters may skip breakfast to make it to class on time, which is why the Commuter Services office gives out food like free waffles.

Waffle Wednesday occurs the fourth Wednesday of every month from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in  Student Center room 144.

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