SGA President Rbrey Singleton. -Photo courtesy of Rbrey Singleton

Rbrey Singleton is the SGA president for the 2018-19 school year. Singleton is a senior political science major, planning on attending law school after graduation to become an attorney within the public service field. 

Starting as the freshman class of 2019 senator, Singleton would later move on to working as the student trustee.

“I’ve been involved with student government association pretty much all my life, especially throughout middle school and elementary school and student government has pretty much made my time worthwhile at Rowan,” Singleton said. “I started off as a freshman class of 2019 senator and it really made my freshman year that much better.”

Before running for the office of president in March, Singleton worked as student trustee on the board of trustees for two years. 

“This is my first year as president, [and] I’m really excited to advocate for students and make the SGA more accessible to all different kinds of Rowan University students and I’m really excited to strengthen the SGA’s reputation as an organization on campus,” Singleton said. 

Coworker and vice president of SGA, Michael Viola, a senior marketing and management major, spoke very strongly of Rbrey and their journey together throughout these past years at Rowan.

“I have been working with Rbrey in SGA since the very beginning when we first got elected class senators,” Viola said. “It has been an incredible journey for both of us over these past years and I am so lucky to always have him in my corner. He is an incredible leader on this campus and I am very grateful to have him as one of my closest friends. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my president leading along side of me.”

Not only is Singleton hoping to advocate for Rowan University students, but he is also working on branching out toward Rowan’s Camden campus and expanding their child care programs. 

“We’re looking into making our child care, if not free, [then] subsidized for students who may have children and can’t make it to class with their children, maybe have them drop off their kids at our day care center on campus,” Singleton said. 

Singleton is focused on serving the students and fighting for their rights, even if that means standing up to administration. He is currently drafting a student’s bill of rights,  guaranteeing certain freedoms and expectations to Rowan students.

Not only has the SGA made his time at Rowan more fulfilling, but it has been a staple in his family life as well. 

“My mother’s side of the family comes from Nicaragua and growing up, I heard a lot of stories of government and I heard a lot of stories about history,” Singleton said. “When I was younger, I’d always spend a lot of time with my grandpa, talking about how things were for him before he came to this country and just made me that much more interested in history and politics in government.” 

Rbrey Singleton, president of the SGA, is extremely passionate about student government and aspires to help all Rowan university students during his time as president. 

Rbrey Singleton giving a speech at the President’s welcome and picnic. -Courtesy of Rbrey Singleton

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