Opening Weekend at RAH: Ice Cream Social


For the first weekend of the 2018-2019 school year, Rowan After Hours (RAH) provided entertainment and activities for Rowan students by holding an ice cream social in the Chamberlain Student Center.

Students were admitted free with their Rowan IDs, as always at RAH events.

The first weekend at RAH had a significant turnout. 

Several different types of ice cream were available for all attendees. There were even gluten-free and vegan options so those with dietary restrictions could enjoy the sweet treat.

Matthew Ungerer, a sophomore psychological science major, stated that his choice in ice cream, the lemon raspberry, was his favorite part of the event.

The ice cream social was accompanied by a showing of the popular Marvel film “Black Panther” and free popcorn.

Following the movie, games were set up at tables in the Student Center pit, including Guess Who and Cards Against Humanity. Also available were “gigantic games,”  advertised on a whiteboard near the check-in table, which included giant cards, Jenga and Connect Four.

Sophomore marketing major Carly Barnada praised the event.

“[It was] really fun and definitely good [that] a lot of people showed for the first week of RAH,” Barnada said.

One of the most engaging activities of the night was a bingo game where the squares included random information that could possibly describe an individual, such as the ability to play a musical instrument or being an only child. Similar to a scavenger hunt, the object was to find twenty-five different people to initial each spot on the bingo board. Once all the spaces were filled, participants returned to claim a prize of a RAH mug, a RAH t-shirt, or a flashlight. The first three people to complete their boards were awarded all three items.

One of the RAH staff members, Maddi Schille, a senior vocal education major, commented on the success of the bingo activity.

“Seeing people talk to people they had never talked to before [was] really exciting,” Schille said. 

RAH’s goal was to get the Rowan student body to better know one another, which they definitely accomplished. 

RAH staff member Jewel Irvin, a sophomore biological sciences major, added that the event was as social as “[the RAH personnel] had hoped for.”

The most popular activity of the night by far was the inflatable wrecking ball. Played with two to four people, this game involved balancing on an inflated pedestal and swinging a wrecking ball to knock the other contestants off to the inflated ground below. The excitement of participants and observers alike was palpable throughout the Student Center.

Overall, the consensus of attendees was that the first Saturday night at RAH was a great one, and many people seemed eager to return for more events in the future.

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