Heller: Lebron should go to Houston. It just makes sense


Let’s face it, LeBron James’ days in Cleveland are numbered. Since Kyrie Irving left to go to the Boston Celtics to make his own moves last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers haven’t been the big power house that won them the championship back in 2016. Yes of course with Lebron James still being in Cleveland, the Cavaliers are poised to be in the top five or even the top three in the Eastern Conference again this year. But, with Irving in Boston, Kevin Durant with the Golden State Warriors, and Dwyane Wade being traded back to the Miami Heat just recently, LeBron’s confidence in getting another championship in Cleveland has been shaken as of late.

If LeBron does decide to leave, he would have to find a team that has enough talent so he doesn’t have to carry the team alone, as well as having the freedom to play, leading a team how he sees fit. The Los Angeles Lakers might work, what with their total rebuilding of the team as of late, as well as LeBron purchasing a new home in Los Angeles. Recently, all signs are pointing to him going to the Lakers. However the Lakers seem too green, and knowing LeBron he wouldn’t want to start from square one again. San Antonio has some potential, with the likes of Danny Green, Manu Ginobili, and Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James in San Antonio almost makes sense. Key word being almost. LeBron would come into conflict with Gregg Popovich’s coaching style. Popovich and LeBron have a wonderful personal relationship, however their professional relationship would jeopardize the team as well as causing unwanted drama. For Popovich he’s the leader and what he says goes, LeBron wouldn’t want to deal with that either.

The best place for LeBron to be successful is with the Houston Rockets. Think about it: The Houston Rockets continue to be one of the greatest threats to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference. Their defense is consistently ranked among the top 10 in the league and with James Harden, Chris Paul and Eric Gordon at the helm their offense could give Golden State a run for their money. Add LeBron into the mix and all of sudden you have yourself a legendary team.

Unfortunately, it comes down to money. LeBron would have to downgrade his pay if he were to sign up with Houston, and if you think Harden or Paul are going to downgrade their pay as well, considering the incredible year they’re having so far, it’s highly unlikely. What Houston’s management would have to do is convince LeBron and their superstars to agree to a low contract knowing full well they’ll get a championship.

However Cleveland would never agree to letting LeBron go right now. LeBron is the reason Cleveland is as big as they are now but he isn’t getting any younger. At 33 years old he’s poised to reach the same age as Kobe Bryant was when he retired and he lead the Lakers to an unbelievable dynasty. Now LeBron isn’t prone to injury as Bryant was, but he is aware that he doesn’t have much time left. Of course not all is set in stone just yet, but if LeBron wants to cement his legacy as the greatest of all time, Houston is his best bet.


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