SGA holds elections for two vacant positions

The executive board of Rowan University's Student Government Association poses for a photo after a meeting on Jan. 22, 2018. -Assistant Photo Editor/Miguel Martinez

The Student Government Association met this past Monday, with its largest order of business being to hold elections for the new assistant vice president of university advancement as well as a new director of public relations and special events. Both positions had been vacated earlier by their officeholders the prior semester.

In the election for the position of AVP of University Advancement, the candidates were Jason Brooks, Kevin Daus, Junior Eliscar, Robert Emmanuel, Christine Martin and Sarah Niles. The first ballot ended in a tie between two candidates, forcing a second election. In the second election, Emmanuel, a sophomore finance major, won on the second count.

Discussing his goals for the rest of the semester, Emmanuel said that planning a successful senior celebration was key.

“I have to make sure that everything is set for that. I have to call up Landmark, call up Chickie’s, call up Kegglers, and make sure that that goes off well,” he said.

Emmanuel also mentioned one of his long-term goals in the position revolved around connecting with Rowan alumni.

“Rowan has a relatively small alumni network, and that’s something that we would really love to be able to bolster up, and make, you know, bigger and better,” Emmanuel said. “So that would be one of my long-term goals.”

The election for the director of PR and special events was also a crowded field. Running for the position was Zanib Ahmad, Brooke Eisenberg, Morgan Hurley, Nayamah Kolliegbo and Kevin McCarthy. Kolliegbo, a junior biological science major was declared the winner of that contest.

“So [in] my term here with SGA, I really just want to bring forth more engagement, as a diverse crowd, and bringing everyone together, just planning events catered to the university that will benefit everyone as a student body” Kolliegbo said. Another important part of this position is putting together the “Bring Back the Boro” clean up. Student and faculty volunteers [could] band together to clean up our city of Glassboro.

“Everything is still under wraps, but I’m ready to, you know, dig into it because that’s one of Rowan’s biggest events, and it’s catered to the community, so I’m really excited for that and I look forward to what’s to come,” Kolliegbo said.

In the open session portion of the meeting, one of the speakers was Adelyn Simeone, a senior psychology major. She was there on behalf of the Admissions Office where she works as an Office Ambassador. Simeone spoke to students about applications for ambassador positions that are opening.

“So you do have to be at least a second-semester freshman to apply,” Simeone said. “You have to have a minimum 2.5 GPA, and you just have to have a love for Rowan, be really personable, be able to talk to lots of people, you know, in various group sizes and just be able to really sell the school to prospective students.”

The application is found on ProfLink and is open until March 2 at 11:45 p.m.

At the meeting SGA President Lauren Bitzer also apologized for the confusing tweet she sent out in the wake of the Eagles Super Bowl victory on Sunday. Replying to a student asking how many retweets it would take to have classes canceled for the Super bowl Parade on Thursday, the SGA account jokingly tweeted the number 1923, but before it got too far Rowan University sent out another tweet that read:

“While we understand that @RowanSGA’s response was in good fun, classes will NOT be canceled this week. We are happy for all @Eagles fans and hope they celebrate safely and responsibly.”

Additional reporting by Matt Kass.

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