Gut Reaction: Cono Pizza & Ice Cream is a dish best served hot


Many students on Rowan’s campus may have noticed little flyers laying around in academic buildings, in car door handles and just about every other place you can think of to self promote.

Cono Pizza, located on 111 E. High Street, has been widely advertising since their opening last November. The restaurant, located next to the LaPierre Ballroom Dance Studio and across the street from the post office, offers a unique twist on a popular food.

Pizza in a cone, hence the name “Cono Pizza,” has become a popular food, especially down in the shore towns during the summer months. The main attraction of the pizza cone is what makes this place standout from other restaurants around Glassboro.

“It’s the top seller,” said cashier Johnathan Fernandez. “The college students like ordering from here, especially late night.”

Cono Pizza & Ice Cream is open from 11 a.m. to 4 a.m., offering students an almost 24 hour opportunity to treat themselves.

Along with the pizza cones, the restaurant also serves award-winning cheesesteaks, pastas, traditional pizza and dessert cones.

One of the dessert cones, the Cannoli cone, is one that I decided to try.

A cannoli cone from Cono Pizza & Ice Cream. -Staff Photo / Justin Decker

All of the cones are placed into an oven where they are rotated for several minutes. The hot cones are placed into the oven with all of the ingredients are put into it, that way it all cooks together.

For our dessert cone, just the cone itself is heated, then the fillings go in afterwards to keep a mixture of cool and sweet with warm and fluffy.

Henry Fernandez, the owner of Cono Pizza & Ice Cream, has been in the restaurant industry for over 30 years. He took control of making our delicious creation.

After our cannoli cone, the cone is heated and then filled with cannoli filling along with chocolate chips and topped off with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup.

One positive is that the cone is strong and is convenient to hold if you are on the go.  

The mix of warm and sweet was pleasant. The cannoli filling tasted great, especially topped with everything else that goes along with it. Who doesn’t love cannoli?

The only complaint would be that the cone is a little rough. Almost as if you were trying to bite through rubber. I personally don’t know if this changes if a hot filled cone is ordered, but it did trouble me through the first couple bites.

Nonetheless, Cono Pizza & Ice Cream is inexpensive, as it is about $5 per cone, with prices higher on the cones filled with more toppings. The late hours also serve as an advantage for students looking for comfort food late at night.

Located just off the main campus, it is worth taking a ride over to High Street to try something new!

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