Students volunteer for mini games at RAH's $10,000 Bingo during the spring 2018 semester. - File Photo / Amanda Palma

On Feb. 23, Rowan students were invited to Pfleeger Concert Hall for Rowan After Hours’ (RAH) second annual $1,000 or $10,000 Bingo event. The event sought to fill the hall with 750 students by 10 p.m., causing the $1,000 prize pool to jump to a value of $10,000. Although the 750 student goal wasn’t reached, despite the best efforts of the hashtag campaign #FillPfleeger, the event went as planned with 650 in attendance.

For freshman journalism major and commuter Mary Gianna Hill, it was the first RAH event she had attended.

“I found it very entertaining and well worth the trip back to campus, even though the only thing I walked away with was a slice of pizza,” Hill said.

Prizes included two bicycles, numerous gift card packs, a free summer or winter session class, credit for Ticketmaster, credit to attend Broadway shows, as well as pizza free to all attendees at the door upon leaving Pfleeger.

SUP’s graduate coordinator Erik Johnson hosts $10,000 Bingo. -Photo Editor/Amanda Palma

Ties were broken by either a game of rock-paper-scissors or, in the event of a three-plus person tie, by the roll of a large foam die.

Freshman biomedical art and visualization major Emily Higgins was one of the many students who heard about the event through friends.

“We heard that they had pretty cool prizes, so we were excited to possibly win,” Higgins said. “My friend JT won a concert package with two hundred dollars in ticketmaster gift cards and one hundred dollars in Uber gift cards.”

Although Higgins did not win herself, she cites the gift card packs as a top desirable prize of the night, along with the chance to experience RAH’s high-tech Bingo operation.

David Miller, the graduate coordinator for event management at the Chamberlain Student Center and Campus Activities, draws a number for $10,000 Bingo. -Photo Editor/Amanda Palma

“You can actually use that money locally instead of spending money on campus,” Higgins said. “The revamped Bingo board was also pretty cool. Last time I went to Sex Toy Bingo they didn’t have the new calling station, which was pretty fun to watch from the GoPro above it.”

RAH’s next Bingo event will be held on March 23 with a $1,000 Disney-themed prize pool in the Chamberlain Student Center Pit. Students who attend wearing Disney apparel will earn an extra board, and thus an extra chance to win.

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