Students react to gas prices after Thanksgiving commutes

-Photo courtesy of Flickr user Geoff Holtzman

Rowan is in the aftermath of the hectic and stressful Thanksgiving break commutes.  Most students were working on multiple deadlines and dreading the family reunion they were about to have. To add on to that stress, they had to drive home. This means putting gas in the car, which means spending money: every college student’s nightmare. Five students weighed in about how the gas prices were affecting them this holiday.

Sophomore biology major Julian Salugao doesn’t have to worry about filling his tank the way some of the others do. Since he lives at home and has a Honda Civic, he is not too worried about having to fill up his car.

“I have a job and most of my money goes into gas,” Salugao said.

He feels like prices have definitely increased, like most of the other students.

James Monteforte, a junior chemistry major, thinks that the prices are going up and down constantly. He is “absolutely, as of right now” going to have trouble filling his tank. When asked if this will affect him going home for the holiday he said, “No, because my mother would kill me.”

Anne Marie Fernandez, a senior bioinformatics major, didn’t think she would have any issues filling her tank before the holiday. She said she has a budget and a Kia with great milage. 

As for prices, she said, “In the last few weeks they have increased, and now they’ve decreased recently.”

Alex Heller didn’t go home this Thanksgiving. He had his this year in Glassboro.

he junior journalism major said, “It’s a lot more expensive to get gas around here.”

Prices are lower around where he lives in Berkeley Township, though he said the prices were increasing at the end of the summer.

Adam Wesen, a senior marketing major, feels that prices have gone up and down recently.

“Now it’s up two cents,” he said. He does not think this is going to affect his Thanksgiving or his ability to fill his car with gas.

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