Students win dildos, vibrators and more at Prism’s annual Sex Toy Bingo

Students place a condom on a banana during a Sex Toy Bingo mini-game. -Staff Photo/Maria Morales

Pfleeger Concert Hall was packed Thursday night as students gathered for a chance to win sex toys at Prism’s annual Sex Toy Bingo.

The event was organized by Prism, “a student organization that provides awareness on the LGBTQ+ issues that concern members, the university, and its surrounding communities,” according to their Facebook page.

Devin Dromgoole, a senior biology major and club treasurer, sees the yearly event as a way to raise awareness about the club. 

“It’s just a fun time,” Dromgoole said. “It gets our name out there to the whole campus. Everybody knows who we are. Everybody knows what Prism is, especially because it’s not called the gay-straight alliance.”

The night started off with the first 500 students in line receiving a free sex toy. They had a choice between a purple drawstring bag with a masturbation sleeve or a red bag with a vibrator. Everyone else who walked through the door got free condoms and lubricant. Students who showed up in a costume received an extra bingo board.

Audience members eagerly volunteer for a mini-game. -Staff Photo/Maria Morales

“Everyone loves getting free stuff,” said Ruadhán Lee, an early childhood education and literacy studies major and club vice president. “And even if they don’t use sex toys, it’s just a fun event to come to.”

Prism e-board members called off the numbers during each of the three rounds and there was a short break in between each one. Everyone who had bingo went home with a prize.

One round finished with six students in a tie. The tiebreaker involved answering sex-related trivia questions.

Some of the prizes in the gift bags included anal balls, vibrators and light up dildos.

Prism partnered with Fantasy Gifts, a local company in Washington Township, to help them obtain the prizes. Fantasy Gifts reached out to multiple people and asked them to donate toys. They received so many that they decided to give them away in gift bags.

I think we gave away like five at a time because we just had too many,” Dromgoole said. “This is the first year it has ever happened.”

Penis-shaped pretzels and bottled water were for sale in the lobby. Donations were also accepted throughout the night. All proceeds went to the Triad House in Ewing, New Jersey. The Triad House is a home for homeless LGBTQ+ youth. Prism was able to raise $520.62 for the organization.

There was one mini-game conducted after the first round. The objective of the game was to put a condom on a banana the fastest. The two winners moved on to the second round, which involved putting a condom on a squash.

“That was hard because it was really big and the condom was really small,” said Shola Karimu, a sophomore biomedical engineering major and winner of the mini-game. “So I had to stretch it out and put it on there.

This was Karimu’s first time attending Sex Toy Bingo. Her friend ended up convincing her to come. She was nervous going up on stage and competing, she said.

Everyone who was wearing a costume was able to go up on stage and show off their dance moves for a chance to win a prize. Some of the costumes included Deadpool, witches and Pikachu. In the end, the crowd was won over by two students dressed up as Red Riding Hood and The Wolf. The pair danced together.

Students dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf win the costume contest. -Staff Photo/Maria Morales

Prism is one of four LGBTQ+ student organizations at Rowan. They have four big events throughout the year which include Pride Week, National Coming Out Week, a drag show and Sex Toy Bingo.

“Because we’re able to pull in such a large crowd we can tell them about all the other LGBTQ groups here on campus,” said Elijah Lee, a senior political science major and club president. “Let them know that there are safe spaces here for them.”

Prism meets Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Hawthorn Hall room 204.

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