The Rowan Opera Company performs "Albert Herring." -Photo Editor/Amanda Palma

This past weekend, the Rowan Opera Company presented a series of comedic acts, including “Albert Herring,” “Maria,’” “The Mikado” and much more. The performance was dubbed “LOL Opera Comedy.”

The main act was a rendition of “Albert Herring,” a story about Lady Bellows, who is tasked with picking the next Queen of May. When presented a list of names, Lady Bellows strikes down every nominee for a host of reasons to the consternation of her fellow colleagues. Some reasons include a woman whose skirt is too short and exposes her ankles, another who opens the door to the mailman in her nightgown and a woman who’s seen with a stranger after dusk.

With their list of names exhausted, Lady Bellows’ colleagues Superintendent Budd, the Vicar, the Mayor and Miss Florence suggest that a King of May should be nominated instead. The name presented to Lady Bellows is Albert Herring, since he works in a grocery store with his mother and is clean and not rough like other boys.

At first, Lady Bellows is hesitant but when she is told that even the virgins aren’t acceptable because they’re “small on thinking and more on seeing,” she relents to Albert Herring being King of May.

Marian Stieber conducts the show. -Photo Editor/Amanda Palma

For Steven Solkela, a junior studying music performance who played the role of Superintendent Budd, the play went flawlessly.

“Things went pretty good,” Solkela said. “I had no memory slips compared to yesterday’s [performance]. Everyone is high caliber; they’re the cream of the crop.”

Solkela noted that practices for the show began all the way back in September, so he was impressed with all of the work and time he and fellow performers dedicated. 

Another act presented was “Maria” from “The Sound of Music.” This told the story of a group of nuns who talk about fellow nun Maria. Maria is described as someone who waltzes on her way to mass, whistles on the stairs and is always late except for meals.

For Matthew Jenkins, a sophomore mechanical engineering major, both pieces were entertaining.

“I liked the sass,” Jenkins said. “Maria was my favorite act, [especially] the part where Maria came in and was a guy.

A scene from “Maria.” -Photo Editor/Amanda Palma

For Aimee Ferenz, a senior musical education major who performed in “Maria” and “‘I Am Easily Assimilated,” the audience’s reaction was stellar.

“They were responsive and louder,” Ferenz said, comparing this performance to one on the previous night.

By the end of the play, audience members gave a long round of applause for the performers.

The Rowan Opera Company will be performing “LOL Opera Comedy” again this spring.

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