PREVIEW: Beatboxer and America’s Got Talent finalist Butterscotch to perform on campus

Beatboxer and singer Butterscotch to perform at Rowan. - Photo courtesy of Dennis Dougherty

Rarely do beatboxing, jazz and R&B combine.

With former America’s Got Talent contestant Butterscotch, the three musical styles seamlessly blend into one. Her unique musicality will be coming to Rowan this Friday, Nov. 10 for a performance, titled “An Evening with Butterscotch.”

Although Butterscotch did not begin beatboxing until the age of 17, music has always been a part of her life.

“I came from a musical family,” she said. “My mom is a piano teacher, so I grew up playing piano and other instruments.”

Despite her more traditional and classical roots, Butterscotch was introduced to the art of beatboxing in high school. A new student was an adept beatboxer and shower Butterscotch the ropes.

Over the years, her style has come to meld jazz, R&B and beatboxing.

Although she was not a big fan of reality television, Butterscotch’s father persuaded her to take her unique gifts to the America’s Got Talent audition stage.

“I ended up getting past each level, eventually coming in third,” she said.

The show, which is broadcast to millions around the world, greatly propelled Butterscotch’s career.

Aside from her performance at Rowan, Butterscotch will also be engaging in outreach events around the campus. As someone with a mixed race and heritage, as well as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Butterscotch will be participating in a “Dining for Diversity” dinner. The conversation will focus on gender, sexual identity, race and performance.

Additionally, Butterscotch will participate in Thursday evening’s Rowan After Hours event, entitled “RAH Capella.”

By participating in events like “Dining for Diversity,” Butterscotch hopes to promote individuality and acceptance.

“There’s a lot of pressure to not be who you are,” she said. “I had to overcome quite a few obstacles to get where I am today and to withstand all the pressures, with people judging who I am and saying I should’t act or look a certain way.”

Butterscotch also expanded upon what’s in store for Friday’s performance.

“I write my own songs and I do a lot of live looping,” she said. “It’s a combination of my own songs and my rendition of jazz standards. I combine all the elements. I play guitar and piano and beatbox and sing.”

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