New bump stock regulations proposed in New Jersey

Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.- (Courtesy of flickr user Hakan Dahlstrom)

In the wake of the recent Las Vegas shooting, New Jersey Democrats plan to propose new legislation that would ban the sale and possession of bump stocks in the state.

Bump stocks are an accessory for semiautomatic rifles that free the weapon to slide back and forth more frequently, thus mimicking the shooting ability of an automatic rifle. This device was found on at least one of Stephen Paddock’s weapons located inside the hotel room.

This new legislation comes with mixed reactions.

Edwin Soto, junior political science and international studies dual major and vice president of the Rowan University Democrats Club, said that he feels this new legislation is a good possibility for the state, in the aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in modern history.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction and I’m finally happy to see a bipartisan effort,” Soto said.

Historically, Democrats are typically in favor of stricter gun control. Soto emphasized that, while he believes in regulated gun control, he is still a believer of the Second Amendment.

Matteo Iadonisi, senior radio, television and film major and vice president of Rowan University College Republicans had some similar, yet different, viewpoints on the topic.

“I don’t think any amount of gun control will substantially reduce violence,” Iadonisi said. “The new legislation seems opportunistic in light of the recent tragedy. But I think it has some merit if focused solely on the bump stock accessory. Evils such as these often provoke a conversation about guns but we must remove ourselves from the context of this particular incident and look at the big picture.”

Iadonisi also said that he feels this quick conclusion to propose to ban bump stocks seems like a dramatic conclusion, because this incident lacked commonalities of previous mass shootings.

Iadonisi concluded his email by saying, “A man can’t shoot without a gun. But a gun can’t shoot without a man…With a bit of common sense and mutual understanding, we can keep a place of freedom that has the tools to thwart anything that threatens its existence.”

Governor Chris Christie went against his usual gun control stance, saying he would be in favor of a bump stock ban. While the voting has not come to a conclusion yet, Democrats and Republicans are working to find a conclusion on the matter.

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