Meet the SGA executive board

New Executive Board Members have been elected for the 2017-18 school year. -Staff Photo/Andrew Turco

Before the school year gets underway, take the time to get to know your 2017-2018 Student Government Association (SGA) executive board, with bios in their own words describing what they hope to accomplish.

Note: Executive Vice President Chris Albano did not provide an official headshot, and the AVPs of Club Development and Government Relations did not submit a response to the paper.

Lauren Bitzer, SGA President

Phone: (856) 256-4881, Email:

Other than being involved in the Student Government Association, I also work as an Admissions Ambassador on campus and I have another job off campus. I serve on various committees throughout campus and love finding ways to get involved. A goal of mine is to improve the communication between SGA and the student body as a whole.

Chris Albano, SGA Executive VP

Phone: (856) 256-4882, Email:

Other than student government I am involved with unified sports, I am a brother of the fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha and I am part of a charitable organization. A goal of mine is to make sure every club knows that I am there to help them with anything they need.

Rob O’Leary, Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (856) 256-4381, Email:

Other than serving as the Chief Financial Officer I serve as the Chairman of the Student Financial Control Board. When I’m not in SGA mode I am working as President of the Financial Management Association and as the Board of Business Administration Representative for the Rowan Student Investment Group. This year I have also had the privilege of working alongside incredibly hardworking folks in the Business President’s Coalition. My goal this year is to make the financial processes for SGA simpler for all students.

Peace Nwankwo, Recording Secretary

Phone: (856) 256-4877, Email:

Apart from SGA, I am part of the Pre-Health and MAPS association. In addition, I am also a member of Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society and Sigma Delta Tau sorority. Aside from all the above, I am a volunteer at Inspira Hospital. At the end of this year, I’d really like to see improvement in the “SGA-student relationship.”

Michael Viola, AVP of Student Affairs

Phone: (856) 256-4883, Email:

Other than student government I am a founder of Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity. I am an Admissions Ambassador. I am also involved in the Student Alumni Association. My goal is to make sure that students are safe, healthy, and happy on campus and feel that they are able to be who they are. I also serve on the student affordability task force as well as the student sexual assault prevention committee. Looking forward to a great and successful year!

Rachel Benassutti, AVP of Governmental Relations

Phone: (856) 256-4878, Email:





Marcus Mitchell, AVP of Academic Affairs

Phone: (856) 256-4877, Email:

Along with student government, I work at our campus admissions office and the tutoring center. I also work as the undergraduate coordinator for the Harley Flack Mentoring Program. I serve on the Student Advisory Council for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. I also work as a research assistant for the math department and play on the club tennis team. I am eager to support students through our SGA scholarship and provide assistance through the graduation process.

Misael Hernandez, AVP of University Advancement

Phone: (856) 256-4878, Email:

Other than my involvement in SGA, I am a member of The Rowan Fishing club and a brother of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. My goal for this semester is to plan a great senior send off event and help make the SGA by-laws more clear and fluent.


Daisy Garcia, AVP of Facilities and Operations

Phone: (856) 256-4877,

Aside from student government, I’m a part of the Minorities Association for
Pre-Health Students. I’m currently a pre-med student and my goal is to go to medical school. Moreover, as a member of SGA, I want to be able to communicate with the student body and make sure Rowan has an appropriate living/learning environment.

Matt Kyle, AVP of Club Development 

Phone: (856) 256-4883, Email:






Austin O’Neill, Director of Public Relations/Special Events

Phone: (856) 256-4878, Email:

I am involved with the physics department on campus as a learning assistant as well as a Lab Assistant. I also work for the Office of Web Services as the photographer for the Humans of Rowan account. I am honored to represent all the students apart of the Rowan community. My goal in this position is to increase SGA’s presence across all social media platforms as well as all of the channels at Rowan.

Rbrey Singleton, Student Trustee

Phone: (856) 256-4880, Email:

I am an RA in the Rowan Boulevard apartments and I also represent Rowan as the Vice Chairman of the NJ Student Advisory Committee in Trenton. This semester, I am interning at U.S. Senator Cory Booker’s Camden office. I am extremely humbled, honored and privileged to serve the student body at Rowan, and you can all rest assured that I will fight the good fight on your behalf every day.

Riley Shea, Alternate Student Trustee

Phone: (856) 256-4880, Email:

Along with my involvement with the student government, I work as the undergraduate coordinator for the Rowan Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies as well as a research assistant for the history department. I also serve as the President of the Student History Association. In the past, I’ve served as the AVP of Club Development and worked with the Peer Referral and Orientation Staff. In my role as the Alternate Student Trustee, I hope to learn from Student Trustee, Rbrey Singleton, about the workings of the Board of Trustees.

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