A new Mediterranean restaurant on Delsea Drive is giving Glassboro residents a break from the usual dining options.

It was a pleasant walk up to the door of Saharra Mediterranean Cuisine on a sunny but breezy afternoon. My friend and I parked in the lot behind the building, right off Delsea Drive, and cut through the restaurant’s patio as we made our way in.

Immediately upon entering, we were greeted by a friendly man behind the cash register. He asked us if we were familiar with Mediterranean cuisine, so my friend and I scanned the overhead menu, complete with pictures. I quickly realized I’d only really eaten falafel before, but was eager to try something new.

The storefront proudly claims they take Boro Bucks, but fair warning to any Rowan students: they haven’t been connected just yet. This put a dent in our plans, as my friend planned on paying for both of us with her card.

Originally, we were each going to order two different entrees to review an array of items, but my friend and I decided to split something instead so that we could still try it out together. For one jumbo chicken shawarma sandwich, it set us back about $8 and took 10-15 minutes to cook. Not too bad of a wait, but it’s certainly not the location for anyone looking for a quick bite to eat during their 15-minute break between classes.

In addition to a wait on the lengthy side, it’s a bit of a hike to get here. The building is right off the intersection of High Street and Delsea Drive, making it a far walk from campus for anyone without a car.

As soon as we finished ordering our joint meal, we decided to eat in and enjoy the novelty of the area. No one else was there, but a delivery driver came in and out a couple times. The building is a renovated house, and its outdoor seating option of up to 30 people resembles that of a regular house’s deck, with patio chairs and all.

The indoor seating reminded me of a ’50s diner with black and green checkered tiles, along with bar seating against one wall. The bar stools alternated black and green in the same fashion, and a horizontal mirror directly hung overtop the bar itself facing the patrons, opening up the small dining area a bit more. Inside, about 20 patrons could eat comfortably.

Finally, our jumbo sandwich was ready, and it smelled fantastic. It was cut in half so neither of us struggled to split it ourselves and end up with sauce all over. For never before trying shawarma meat, I became an instant fan. A little savings hack for Rowan students: a jumbo sandwich was the perfect size for both of us. It came with a small handful of fries on the side, and the shawarma chicken was both filling and flavorful.

The term “shawarma” refers to how the meat is prepared. In our case, it was chicken, but it can be used to cook other meats, too, such as lamb, turkey and beef. The method consists of setting the meat in a vertical position, turning it on all sides to cook it thoroughly, then shaving the meat off into a sandwich.

I asked the cashier if Saharra has seen some foot traffic, and he was delighted to inform me that in only a few months, Glassboro has been very “receptive” to the new tastes. His response took me by surprise at first considering how isolated the location was, but the concept made sense. He even went on to note how tired of pizza and Chinese the entire town had become. He made a good point. How many times can we order Domino’s before it gets old?

As we left, I grabbed a copy of the menu and told the cashier we’d certainly be back. Perhaps I should have suggested that they take down the Boro Bucks sign until they actually, you know, take Boro Bucks, but I decided to hold my tongue. For that reason alone, I give the restaurant a 4 out of 5. Still, I recommend Rowan students and the rest of the Glassboro community take the trek out here to give Mediterranean food a try.

Saharra Mediterranean Cuisine

20 North Delsea Drive, Glassboro

1 mile; 4 minute drive; 20 minute walk from campus


10 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 10-12 a.m. Friday & Saturday; 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday

Dine in, take out, delivery

**** out of *****

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