Yobb: Analyzing the Eagles’ top choices at WR


This is an installment of Chris Yobb’s all-encompassing weekly column “My Two Cents”

It seems like the Philadelphia Eagles found their franchise quarterback in Carson Wentz. Things are looking up for the organization now that they have filled that needy spot on their roster. But that means it’s time to move to their next big hole on offense: wide receiver.

Without a real No. 1 wideout, the team’s best players at the position are the equivalent of a two or sometimes even three on other teams, it is a position they desperately need to upgrade. But the team has options. Let’s evaluate the Eagles’ best options to bring in a solid wide receiver to help out Carson Wentz and their struggling offense.

via Trade: Brandin Cooks

Cooks is a young wide receiver from the New Orleans Saints who has been rumored as being shopped around. The Saints are looking for a suitor for Cooks and the Eagles could be the perfect match.

Cooks during a game in 2015. – Courtesy of Flickr user Keith Allison

He’s an intriguing option for the Eagles, and one who has exceeded 1,000 receiving yards each of the past two seasons. At just 23 years old, he is a receiver who could be around for a while and help Wentz grow.

The Saints have announced that they are looking for a mid-first round pick for Cooks and the Eagles just so happen to have one. Giving up this first round pick may not be appealing to some who believe that teams should build through the draft. However, by obtaining Cooks, you are now getting a receiver who has been in the league and is proven to be a good player. The risk is a lot lower than drafting a rookie out of college with no NFL experience. I would definitely approve of the trade if the Eagles were to make it.

via Free Agency: Alshon Jeffery, Kenny Stills and/or DeSean Jackson

These three receivers are on the Eagles’ radar for obvious reasons. I’ll start off with former Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery. When healthy, Jeffery is a top player in the league. He is only 27 years old and would be with the Eagles for years to come. The downside to Jeffrey would be his injury history and also the price tag that comes with him. He has consistently missed time for the past few seasons, making him a big risk for a big price.

Kenny Stills had 726 yards last season with nine touchdowns, which are pretty good stats. Stills is 24 and has some room to grow. However, I think that he has almost reached his ceiling. I would not want the Eagles to bring in Stills; I do not believe that he could step up and be a No. 1 receiver.

Jackson during a game in 2014. – Courtesy of Flickr user Keith Allison

I saved the best for last. Oh, DeSean Jackson. I remember being so upset that I would never be able to watch Jackson dance into the end zone in an Eagles jersey again. When I heard the news that he may be coming back, I was so excited. But then reality set in and at 30 years old, I’m not sure if bringing Jackson in would be the logical thing to do. With Jackson I hope that the Eagles think with their brain and not their heart. Although it would be a great story, I do not think that he would be the answer to our problems. I am all for the Eagles bringing him back, but I would hope that he would be a complement to another big-name receiver that we acquire as well.

via the Draft: Probably Nobody

The Eagles have the 14th overall pick in the draft and then do not pick again until 43. There are quite a few positions that they need to go after and with 14, they might not go wide receiver. Cornerback is another position they need badly. I would love to see the Eagles grab a proven receiver via free agency or trade before I see them go after one with the 14th pick in the draft.


The Eagles receiving corps is in bad, bad shape and it doesn’t look like Vince Papale can save them this time. I hope that Howie Roseman does the right thing and can secure a solid wide receiver to help Wentz in his second year in the league. If no moves are made for a wide receiver, I see Wentz following the trend of most every other quarterback in their sophomore year: slumping.

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