This year’s College of Communication and Creative Arts awards carry special meaning


For the fifth time, Rowan University professors will commemorate student excellence within the College of Communication and Creative Arts (CCCA) during an awards ceremony, Saturday, April 1.

However, the day’s events will also be coupled with a nighttime banquet, celebrating 50 years of excellence of the CCCA. Communication programs began at Rowan in 1966.

CCCA Dean Sanford Tweedie joked, “We’re kind of a year behind, which is why we aren’t calling it an anniversary. But in 1966, five professors broke away from the English department and we’ve come a long way since.”

In 1966, the five professors broke away from then-Glassboro State’s English department to teach writing. Thus began the college’s communication department, which later became its own college in 1996, Tweedie said.

At 12 p.m. on Saturday, the award ceremony will take place in half of the Student Center Eynon Ballroom. Faculty representatives will award students with medallions and scholarships related to his/her given field of study. Winners have already been notified of their awards.

In the adjacent ballroom following the ceremony, CCCA students will showcase exemplary work they’ve completed throughout their time as students in the college.

The 50th celebration banquet will begin at 6 p.m. Dinner and drinks will be served.

CCCA is worthy of celebrating, Tweedie said, because everyone needs communication. The college touches all Rowan students at some point, as general education requirements such as College Composition I and II are both courses from within the college.

Today, CCCA consists of 10 majors and several additional minors, concentrations and certificate programs. CCCA also offers two Master’s programs in writing arts and public relations.

Professor Christopher Winkler created a short movie to be shown at the banquet detailing the college’s history and notable accomplishments through its history.

One of the original professors who broke away from the English department will be present, in addition to alumni as far back as 1975. One alum will attend from California.

Charlie Ayers is the evening’s chef. Ayers, who is former executive chef for Google, will cook the evening’s dinner in collaboration with Gourmet Dining’s Executive Chef John Birmingham.

“Everyone in life needs to communicate, no matter what kind of career you are. We are the backbone for that,” Tweedie said. “Since we started, we’ve changed tremendously and the college plays a large role within the university. So hopefully this ceremony will also help contribute to a continued sense of community.”

Anyone with affiliation to the CCCA is welcome to attend the banquet. Tickets are $50 and more information can be found on the college’s website.

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